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Royal Ace Casino - Still no payment

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Royal Ace Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 1029
Posted on September 25, 2016

I have been waiting over a month for payment. I was told again on august 29th that yes my withdrawal had been approved, they are just waiting on the 3rd party processor. This is what I am told every time I email. Robyn with the withdrawal dept. States that she has placed the request with the escalation department. However that was on Sept 8th and I still haven't received payment. I need this resolved.

Posted on September 25, 2016

Dear @MarleyBoo,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the amount of the disputed withdrawal request/s.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Posted on September 29, 2016

Hi Marleyboo--

I'm very sorry--I was off for a few days and am only now getting back. I'm not in the office right now, but will be later today. I'll be sure to look into your issue and report back as soon as possible.

All the best,


Posted on October 4, 2016

The complaint has been reopened as per Royal Ace Casino request and AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to give this case one more try and help both parties involved to reach a satisfactory resolution.

Posted on October 4, 2016

I received a check yesterday. I have deposited it...just crossing my fingers that it clears...this was one of the longest ordeals...I hope that they improve for others..

Posted on October 4, 2016

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

Posted on October 20, 2016

The complaint has been reopened as per submitter's request. AskGamblers Complaints Team have been informed by the player that complaint is not resolved as previously stated.

Posted on October 20, 2016

I received a check and as requested I deposited the check into my credit union account. My credit union advised it could take 2-4 weeks to process as they send the check to the bank that the check was drawn on and then the bank will wire them the funds. So yesterday my credit union advises that the check bounced and I was charged 29.00. I need this resolves asap. Thank you.

Posted on October 20, 2016

I just got off the phone with my credit union and they are trying to resolve it with the issuing bank. I would like to see if they can handle it. They are stating it could take 48 hours. Thank you.

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