Star Games Casino won't accept my Government Issued identity card

valleys United Kingdom
posted on April 6, 2013.

I recently made a withdrawal at Star Games casino. I sent them a photo of my CitizenCard...which is issued directly from the governement. I do not have a passport and I do not drive...this is the reason why I paid £36 for this identity card. They have replied saying they cannot accept this card?? And need passport or drivers licence.

I do not have. And this identity card is the only other LEGAL identity card issued to residents of the Uk from the can you not accept it? I have never had a problem with any casinos making withdrawals with this card. There is no logical explanation as to why they won't accept it...if it was a card that like the VALIDATE card which you can just get anywhere I would say fair enough...but this card comes directly from the UK governement. I had to pay them in order to get it.

Here is their website


Also here is another link regarding an investigation watchdog done on the card...proving them to be GOVERMENT issued


I won this money fair and square and your terms and conditions clearly stare you will issue winnings to player on receipt of valid ID. The ID you have is valid.

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