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posted on November 28, 2013.

Hello , i'am writtening a post to show a problem with StarGames casino.

20.11 I make a account and I start play in a game's. They give me a 100% bonus byt I lose it very fast. Later I start paid to the account my own cash. I have some win's so I decide to tak a win. In a option to recive a cash I don't write my account number but i chose a number of my credit card ( now i know tha it was mistake). However I don't stop play and I make a more pay to my acoount. I sent papiers to confirm my account. Few days later they sent to my a email that my cash is stop and back to my acoount. Then I saw that my account is blocked. On the email the say that I have a more account. I think it not true.

I don't remember that i make some other account.

I sent to they explain but they sent to my the same emails that my account is blocked and they can't do anything.

Howewer if it is some other account i sayed to them in email to blocked other account.

It's my first casino and account where I play to not virtual cash.

Today I write to them if they don;t wont to unblock my account so they should give my cash back becouse the cash with I won Is from playing on my own cash not their bonus... now I'm waiting for a answer...

Any cooment's?

Best regards


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