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Stall on withdrawal for winnings at Spin Palace Casino

Posted on May 16, 2014.

Well, I am quite frustrated and disappointed with this Casino. I have had an account with spin palace for quite some time and what do you know I won. I played 20 dollars from my bank account through E-check and what do you know I won $6000. This was the good news or so I thought. I went to withdraw my winnings and had to register my documents to get the withdrawal process completed. I didn't have a problem with that until I started to get the run around. I was told that once I faxed the documents to them my proof of identity and address would only take 48 hrs for approval. This was fine as my winnings also had to wait 48 hrs before they could be released. My first withdrawal was only $2200 dollars and since that first withdrawal it had grown to $6000. Now I've tried to withdraw my winnings for week 2 and have been constantly told its gonna take another 48 hrs, well as I thought it is now friday and all I've heard again is that my documents have been approved but now my account is under review. I've also since then found out that there are limitations on how much people can withdraw and it is only $4000 a week, that makes no sense whatsoever as Im wondering what if I was one of the lucky winners that won thousands or even millions on a jackpot such as mega moolah etc. So now the question I have is why only $4000 per week, the obvious question to come to mind is, "is this a legitimate site?" or do they have to make the money in order to pay people out. This has been extremely frustrating and when I finally asked to speak to the operations dept after being told to in the morning I am told that the operations department is now closed. The other part that raised some serious concerns was that when I asked the customer support person to let me know about the $4000 per week limit in the terms and conditions she could and was not able to find that for me. Then when I returned the phone call today she advised that someone from the operations team emailed me to tell me the limitation of the payout. I was also told that nobody from the operations department talks to customers , this raised another concern as I was told specifically to call back in the morning (today) to speak to someone from operations regarding the limitation. I have also since checked the email sent to me and it was from customer support not operations department, but I was told that a representative from the operations emailed me to let me know about the limitation.

I have become extremely frustrated with how this is all unfolding and have since then wondered about the legitimacy of this casino. I completely understand the need to safeguard themselves and the customers, however I do not understand this complete run around that I have been getting to receive a payout for my winnings. I also wondered if I had one a larger jackpot such as thousands would I be simply waiting every week for the pay of $4000? If so why? if not the question I have is why the discrimination because I haven't won a larger pot? Another troubling fact was when I read a complaint on this site I read that someone had received their payout in 4 days without problem. This has made me very weary of the legitimacy of this casino and I am not someone looking for a reason to complain I am just simply wanting to collect my winnings as I do like playing on this site, however if there are problems such as this and it continues I will have no problem making a formal statement to the policing authorities and having this site looked into.

Sorry for the long winded complaint, however I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with how things have unfolded with what I thought was a good site to get entertainment from. The other part that concerns me very much is that my personal information is on their site and I am concerned with this run around at its validity and integrity that they are promising their customers.

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