Spin palace, Ruby fortune ignore responsible gambling limits

Big AL United Kingdom
posted on November 27, 2013.

On the 10th of September after a series of losses with the palace groups casinos such as SPIN PALACE and RUBY FORTUNE I'd decided I'd had enough and I need to knock my increasing gambling problem on the head and close all my accounts to save myself from further losses.

I called them and asked to close all my accounts due to a gambling problem, shockingly the operator managed to talk me round into staying with them by offering a deposit limit, so I thought this was a good idea as it meant I could still gamble a little, I set one up for £75 per month and asked for this to be on ''all of my accounts'' with there company and the operator agreed but said it would take 24hours to put in place.

I had been gambling mainly of ruby fortune over the past few months but and had managed to keep my gambling under control with the limit until 15-17th of November 2013 when I relapsed and chasing my losses I was able to deposit over £2500 which was nearly leading to £10000 but decided to stop, this is very upsetting and stressful as I am now deeper into debt, and I believe the operator should have obeyed my first command and close my accounts as I asked, the limit which was supposed to protect me and others in my position has failed and I'm led to believe that they have taken advantage of me.

They did call and apologise but said the limit was placed just on that card they said they will refund £550 off one card as that card was registered before but not refund the other, of £1400 I said the limit was not placed on the card but all my accounts so the other should be refunded too, they said they would call me later but didn't call.

Spin palace are now claiming the limit was only set on my Ruby fortune account, when previously they said it was set on the card which is not what I asked.

I clearly stated for the limit of £75 across all accounts, why would I only do one when they are pretty much the same, I think this is a disgrace as gambling is a dangerous game where your life can be turned upside down with in minutes, and this is pretty much what this situation with the PALACE GROUP has put me in.

Don't let these people take your money and play with trusted casinos such as Bet365 which don't mess you about with your withdrawals'.

These have also been prolonging my withdrawals of £500 when I haven't actually won anything, I'm £2025 down in 3 days.