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Casino Sieger - Taking years to be paid in full, still owed €15,000

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Casino Sieger
Reason Delayed payment
Amount € 15000
Posted on May 21, 2018

I have filed complaints about this casino before and in the end I got payment somehow, so the complaints appear as resolved, but the truth is, I am still having around 15000 in the account after 18 months of trying my withdrawals. I do get paid something from time to time but it is not at all acceptable and it is not in accordance to the casinos own terms.
Also it is a very rougue technique that I had to accept their "new terms" which are not in my favour in order to be able to do further payouts at all.
For the payouts, this is systematically. It is not a one time thing, they do the same time over and over again and this is what they do:
In the terms they state that there is a monthly limit of 2500€ and a weekly limit of 1000€. So for instance I withdrew 2500€ on 11.4. I waited until 28th of April and nothing was in my account and I started to complain. A couple of days later I got my first 1000€ and they said this was processed at 18.4. but my bank was so slow (which it is not). Also I was told that the next installment of 1500€ will be processed on 30.4.
Weeks later I complained that still the second installment isnt in my account and now I got told that only another 1000€ was done on 7.5. and I should have it soon (who knows, nothing there until today). Also I did a new withdrawal of 2500€ on 12.5. because a month has passed. This withdrawal was cancelled (as always without any notice). When asking for a reason, I am told that I surpassed the weekly limit because they processed that 1000€ only on 7.5. and there are still 500 open from last month.
So they use their own delay as an excuse for not processing my next withdrawal. And they do this all the time.
I was lucky to win big in this casino in late '16, early '17 and had 40000€ in my account. Since then I am struggling hard to get my money. They do and try all the tricks they can for me to play and lose again. This includes that I need to do a deposit every 3 months in order to be able t withdraw. And of course I also need to wager constantly in order to be able to withdraw.
Also they are not able to give me a history of when what payouts were done and they give me mixed information and sometimes outright lie to me.
I would not recommend to anyone to play in this casino.

Posted on May 23, 2018

just an update: As I just seen in my account , my last withdrawal from 16th was cancelled again without any information.

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