Slots Jungle has not paid winnings

posted on October 17, 2012.

Although Slots Jungle approved my withdrawals on October 2nd and on October 4th, I have yet to receive the $4000 in winnings that is owed to me. First they sent a wire to the wrong bank account, which was rejected, then on Thursday morning, October 11th, they sent it again to the right account, however, it is now Wednesdsay October 17th and I have seen nothing in my account. I have contacted and spoke with Julia Lewis several times and she has assured me that it has been taken care of but not being able to contact the finance department directly is ridiculous. Having to depend on them answering your email is no way to do business. I also was told that the finance department is not even in the same building as the operation itself. I also contacted my bank to see if it had come through or for some reason was rejected, and they have no record of any deposits of that amount trying to come through for credit. So something is not right here. I have contacted live chat several times, spoken to a manager and I am always assured that I will receive my winnings, however, when I ask them "when", all they can say is "soon". So what is soon? a week, a month, next year? This is tiresome to have to keep chasing them down for my winnings. First they tell me that it was "wired", then they tell me all they can see was that it was "approved" and can't tell me when it was sent. Then they tell me that it takes up to 10 days. What in the heck is going on with this? 10 days for a wire? their T&C clearly state that it takes "up to 4 days" for approval and then once approved the winnings will be sent. I am tired, frustrated and need to have this resolved. I abided by every single rule of this casino and am very careful to make sure that I do not do anything that could jeapordize any rules in their "terms and conditions". The really funny thing is that I was verifying one of my other bank accounts with another institution and they were to make 2 small deposits into my account for verification, they said that it could take up to 3 days ... guess what? It showed the very next day. So tell me why a wire that was sent last Thursday (so they say) is not in my account 7 days later? Something just isnt right here!