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Slots Jungle Casino - refuse to pay

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Slots Jungle Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
Posted on May 16, 2014

Have been playing at Slots Jungle and now now a large jackpot which they have refused to pay. The amount owing is $892.00 After playthroug all conditions have been meet. My complaint is based upon fraud, deceit and violations of the fair gaming laws which I am more than familiar with, since I practice gaming law within the USA and internationally. My complaint is based upon and under the following legal points:

1. Slots Jungle agent induced me to deposit money into my account under a bonus offering at a time that I had not voluntarelly made a deposit.

2. I specifically asked the agent if there was any limitation to the type of player under the bonus offer, as I play both slots and video poker

3. I was told by the agent that the bonus offer included both types of play

4. I played for several days in my initial deposit, playing both slots and video poker with no refusal by the casino to allow both types of play as some casinos do by not accepting or allowing play on video poker, until I won the jackpot playing slots.

5. I contacted the casino by phone immediately and was congratulated by the staff on my win and I was instructed to file a fax back form with them. At not time did they advise me that the win was invalid due to my video poker play.

6. I discussed the play through requirements with the staff and was told that a certain amount of play through money would be witheld pertaining to the bonus requirements which I not only understood but accepted. I was again not advised that there were any violations of play or that the win was invalid due to video poker play. If at any time I had been advised I would have acted to resolve the issue prior the submission of any private or personla information.

7. At no time was I ever advised that my video poker play had invalidated my winning nor was I ever that the jackpot was void due to my alleged invalid play. To the contrary I was induced to accept the wins as valid and submit proper documents to make my claim.

8. I sent all required information as requested and again made personla contact with the casino, who again confirmed the receipt of the documents and told me that they would be processed immediately and again I was congratulated and led to believe that Slots Jungle and its staff were efficient and trustworthy.

9. After several days of no response I both emailed as well as personally called the casino and again I spoke to an agent that assured me that matter would be looked into and that my win was confirmed and I could be assured that the casino was taking my withdrawal seriously.

10. I was on a return phone call made to my law office by Slots Jungle, told by a casino agent allegedly in management to resend the documents and contact the finance department by email with a confirmation of the documents as well as customer support which I did. I have several copies of the documents and dates faxed, emailed and sent as evidence.

11.I was beginning to become concerned at this point as my discussions with staff and the obvious delay did not give me legal support so I asked my own personal attorney who I share offices with, to participate in the matter for further legal evidence and fax the documents personally on his fax machine and confirm the receipt which he did.

12. I have made various calls to the casino and spoke with alleged staff and at no time have I ever been told that the win was invalid or that they would not be paying me the remaining amount after bonus consideration had been subtracted.

13. I finally received an email confirming all of the submissions with the promise to approve the withdrawal and I was advised in writing by the casino financial department that the would payout would occur in 4 days by wire to my bank account.

14. I contacted the casino by phone to confirm the email and was told the email was valid and correct.

15. After the 4 days had expired and no money was wired or placed into my credit account, I again contacted the casino by both emails and phone calls and spoke with agents both on the phone and through live chat. Where I was given the runaround in several different directions.

16. After sending complaining emails with no response or standard confirmation of receipt I finally got hold of an agent yesterday on the phone, June 1, 2012, some 3 weeks after my win who for the first time told me that the win was invalid as I played video poker in violation of the bonus terms. To put it bluntly I gave this individual a legal piece of my mind and advised him that I would be filing complaint as well as pursuing legal action if Slots Jungle was gaing to take the ill advised position that I was being given.

At this point, I am forced to contact anyone that has any power or regulated this operator as well as file a complaint with the attorney generals of both California and the US in an attempt to shut down Slots Jungle for fraud and violation of the fair gaming regulations for the following reasons:

1.Slots Jungle owes a legal duty to advise all players immediately if a win is in violation of the T&C of any bonus requirements .

2. Slots Jungle has no legal right to request or accept private and personal information from a player unless they are confirming the win and the documents are necessary for payout

3. Slots Jungle is required to provide any and all bonus restrictions in writing and to make detailed statements to the player of what will constitute any void of a win and they have not and do not make such advisement.

4. Slots Jungle has committed financial fraud by soliciting any banking information, or private information materials such as drivers license information that would be considered legally private and protected unless are confirming a legal and valid financial transaction win or payout.

5. Slots Jungle has no legal right to ask for personal identification or private information on any claim unless the claim is valid and payable and not legal right to solicit the information on a false and fraudulent basis.

6. Slots Jungle failure to protect the fair gaming rules and regulations as advertised on their site is a fraud and violation of the fair gaming regulations and standards.

7. Slots Jungle committed a legal violation of trust and caused legal acts of entrapment by not making or giving immediate full complete notice and advisement on any win claim.

8. Slots Jungle committed a violation of the Terms of fair and countable gaming is ground for shutting down any casino that commits financial abuse, fraud, corruption or misapproiation of funds under the international rules and regulations of gaming.

9. Slots Jungle is guilty of fraud, embezzlement, racketeering, corruption, as defined by the international rules and regulations of the private monies treaties and under false premises, rico or racketeering, financial lack of integrity as defined by the US rules and regulations pertaining to gaming and Indian casinos as well as corruption of all recognized gaming practices. Slots Jungle by having advertised online with the intent to induce US citizens to game with them is under the legal jurisdiction of the US within the international courts and is bound by said jurisdiction.

I can go on for pages on the law but the bottom point of this complaint is that I am out of pocket only $30 or $35.00 fraudulently induced but the promised rewards have been violated and breached laying claim to fraud and corruption charges. I have also been induced to provide personal and private information that would not have been provided under any circumstances but those necessary to facilitate a payout of winnings without any true security or protection as promised by the casino and I now have no legal reason to believe that my personal and private US information will not be illicitely used by Slots Jungle or some unknown agent to my detriment or disadvantage. All of these legal violations are pertinent to US jurisdiction as the information provided as solicited was Jermaine to the state of California and the USA which extends the international l jurisdiction of the US and its legal authority over Slots Jungle within the courts of the US so they are not out of the reach of the either the State of California or The USA. Both legal authorities are direct regulators of both gaming within its jurisdiction which occurs the minute any computer is signed in online no matter where in the world and both the State of California and the US have a direct interest in online commerce. Slots Jungle is a fool if they think the long arm of any US government agency ca not reach into their place of operation.

I can shut down my bank account and cancel my credit card but I cannot retrieve or control my driver's license or other private information that was provided to this unscrupulous operator. Trust is the most vital component of online gaming and if its breached or broken the entire industry has been violated and compromised. Would I like my $892.00 to be paid fairly and without further ado, absolutely but what I am more concerned about is this illicit operator and their continuation within the industry. One bad apple ruins the entire trust in online gaming. I will use every tool and legal ability I have to see that these types of abusers are put out of business if they are truly corrupt and bad seeds within the industry. I have now reviewed several claims made upon Slots Jungle and it appears that they have not learned their lesson or taken the hint that they are running a questionable operation. If you can see that this matter is resolved without further legal requirement, I would appreciate any help that you can bring to the situation. If it is not resolved then I will continue my legal pursuit out of principal of fair gaming if nothing more. As I have stated the money is not the issue. The issue is this operator conducting honest and fair gaming. As I told Slots Jungle they should be worried as to why I have chosen to play with them and recognize that there may be more at stake for them then not paying me my win honesty and fairly.

Posted on June 10, 2012


we have checked your claim regarding SJ casino refuse to pay you.

It appears that you have abused your bonus coupon which is a Slots Only and played MultiHand Video Poker with it.

This is the reason your withdrawal was denied and your deposit was refunded.



Posted on June 14, 2012

 Dear @JCHARMS7777,

Please let us know if there's an update regarding your ongoing complaint. Please be in aware that you are supposed to reply within the given 96-hours time frame, otherwise AskGamblers Complaints Team will consider the case as Resolved and it will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Posted on June 18, 2012

Unfortunately, player failed to provide adequate feedback within the given 96-hours time frame for response. As per the AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service terms and guidelines, player is supposed to provide updates on their issues in a timely and responsible manner, something that player did not do regrettably.

Based on the above AskGamblers Complaints Team consider the case as resolved and it being officially closed now.

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