Slots Jungle Casino needs to step it up

posted on October 3, 2012.

I am in the Golden Parrot VIP status group with this casino. My withdrawal was just approved on October 2, 2012, after being requested on September 25, 2012 (8 days) but not for the amount that I requested. I requested $3000 which is the maximum amount that I can request, according to their terms and conditions. They only approved $1000 and put the rest back into my casino account. I immediately asked for 3 separate withdrawals of $1000 each ($3000 total), abiding by their terms and conditions and as that amount is still pending I am still owed at $6000 more and there is absolutely nothing that I can do to get the rest of my money.... right now I can only request $3000 at a time and cannot request another withdrawal until the ones that are pending have been approved and removed. This is crazy! So I have no idea what is going on. Yes, they have a limit on what you can request per cash out BUT nowhere in their terms and conditions does it say that the maximum of $3000 is for any set time (daily, weekly, monthly etc). I feel that I am being given a real disservice by not having my total request approved and sent. I have cashed out with them before and both times they approved only a portion of the requested amount, denied the rest and put it right back into my account and it had to sit there for usually 7-8 days or more before I could request another withdrawal. I should be able to request a withdrawal every day if I choose. Their terms state The minimum withdrawal is $/€100. All withdrawals are paid in installments of up to $/€3,000. This is determined according to player class, but not anywhere in their terms and conditions do they state what that means. Withdrawal approval time can take "up to 4 business days". I am third level VIP, one below the highest level, and deposit with them regularly, sometimes more than 2 deposits per day, and have withdrawn from them several times before so why is it that it is taking 4 days or more to get my withdrawals approved and why aren't they being approved for the maximum amount that can be withdrawn at a time? This last withdrawal request took 8 total days (5 business days to be approved) and instead of approving the amount for which I asked, which was $3000, they only approved $1000 and put the other $2000 back into my account, WHILE I was playing! Good thing I was paying attention. I have been told that their finance department does not work on Fridays, Sat or Sundays, so it will be the same darn thing over and over again ... requesting on a Tuesday and not getting approval until the following Tuesday, not to mention the 4-7 days it takes to receive my winnings. At this rate of pay, it will take 20 weeks for me to receive everything that is owed to me from this casino (that is 5 months!) This is totally unacceptable to me and that is why I am voicing my complaint. I don't think that it is fair to not be able to cash out what you want to cash out and even if they won't approve all of it at once, at least it is on record for the next approval process. I can't withdrawal anything else until what is pending has cleared the system. Having to wait 4-8 days to request a withdrawal because there is one pending is simply ridiculous. Even if it hasn't been approved as of yet, the date is on the request, so why can't I ask for another withdrawal, since it is a different date and let it sit in the withdrawal section? When I request a cash out of money that I have legitimately won, I expect to be paid what is owed in a timely manner. I make my deposits in good faith and never tried to deceive anyone in any manner, I am always polite and kind when I go to chat and would expect the common courtesy of being treated better than I am being treated at this point in time. Deposits are taken right away and it should be the same with payouts. I am requesting that my withdrawal approval be quicker and that the maximum amount ($3000) that can be requested is approved per their terms and conditions and sent to me in a timely fashion. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

posted on January 6, 2014.

 The player confirmed the issue is solved, through the comment! Complaint solved!