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Slots Jungle Casino - Failure to pay

teekawi United States
posted on May 5, 2013.

Recently I won on slots jungle and had to make 3 different requests for payouts since they only allow a maximum of $500 at a time. The first payout came in about 22 days (16 business days) , the third payout came in about 12 days (10 business days) , however the second payout - for some strange reason they thought should be done by wire transfer rather than mailing a check, has yet to arrive, even though it was requested 4 days after the first request, and 16 days prior to the third request. I keep emailing and asking them to check the status and all they'll tell me is - we don't have a tracking number yet. HELLO, it isn't being mailed - even you've told me this, its being wire transfered. Then they email me (how unsafe is that!!!!) my banking information and say double check it is right (it is), still nothing. Then they tell me, we've had a few problems with our wire transfers, but its been fixed and you should get it in a couple of days (that was 10 days ago). So I am at day 34 (28 business days) still waiting my second withdrawal. It is really frustrating because I was counting on this money showing up in about the same amount of time as my other checks, now I'm even wondering if it will ever show up!!!!

This is fricking ridiculuous. I was happy at first that they had reduced their approval time down to 4 days, but this wire transfer snafu is ridiculous. I did not make my withdrawal request any different on the three withdrawals - so why they felt possessed that it should be done in a way that doesn't work is beyond me.

And trying to get a hold of them is impossible. They'll tell you on live chat that you can only contact them via email, and then they only respond to email once a day - around 3AM - even if you happen to be up and respond, you will have to wait a minimum of another day (unless it is a Thursday, then you need to wait until Monday). If your lucky.

Where is my money!!!!!

And you would think they would send an apology with a free chip (preferably in the amount you are sitting around waiting for), but no - you get the same canned message. I want someone to look in to it and tell me the exact status of my withdrawal.

posted on July 3, 2013.


we have tried to reach you many times, please respond to our emails or provide us with an alternative contact.


posted on July 8, 2013.

 Any news here?

posted on February 25, 2015.

This case has been reopened upon casino’s request and we would like to give it one last chance for a successful resolution.
We have been informed by the casino management that your payment was successfully processed. Please confirm.

posted on February 28, 2015.

It's a nice practice to confirm if your complaint is resolved or not, thank you.

posted on March 4, 2015.

Based on the evidence we received from the casino management, we could confirm that player was fully paid by casino. We consider this complaint resolved and closed.