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Slots Jungle Casino - Casino chat staff don't know their job?!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Slots Jungle Casino
Reason Other
Posted on May 16, 2014

In november i took a nodeposit bonus so i did manage to have 1000 $ so ,it was not my first nodeposit code but i did asked the chat who was guarantee me that hi is 100% sure i can make cashout from this bonus did told him it was not first nodeposit bonus used from me and that i never had deposited here ,but after that they told me that was a miss understanding?????so here are my 2 chats so you can see.

General Info

Chat start time Nov 1, 2013 8:35:41 PM EST

Chat end time Nov 1, 2013 8:52:44 PM EST

Duration (actual chatting time) 00:17:02

Operator Kurt Robins

Chat Transcript

info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.

info: You are now chatting with 'Kurt Robins'

Kurt Robins: Welcome to Slots Jungle, this is Kurt.

Kurt Robins: May I have your Username and how may I assist you?

katemak: hi before few hours ago i talk to someone from the caht so need to ask you something

Kurt Robins: hi

Kurt Robins: you can ask me

katemak: i did use nodeposit bonus from free spins so i menaged to wager that money and come to 1.000$

katemak: so some girl from the chat she told me i can withdraw that money but have to deposit first 21$

Kurt Robins: yes

Kurt Robins: at least $21

Kurt Robins: this is the minimum amount to deposit

katemak: and i can withdraw 300$

Kurt Robins: yes

Kurt Robins: this is the max cashout of this bonus

Kurt Robins: but I suggest you to make withdrawal request for the whole amount of your winnings including your future deposit

katemak: so my question is are you 100% sure that if i deposit i can withdraw those many

Kurt Robins: I give you 100% guarantee

katemak: because i have never deposited earlyer

katemak: and maybe i did use another nodeposit bonus

katemak: thats why i am asking

Kurt Robins: you will get your money for sure

katemak: even if this is not first timr nodeposit bonus used???

Kurt Robins: yes

Kurt Robins: it's ok

katemak: so you quarantee me ,right??

Kurt Robins: yes!

katemak: ok then will you send me this conversation on my email or something from you that you guarantee me

katemak: so i can have something on paper

info: Your chat transcript will be sent to xxxxxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­[email protected]­msn.com at the end of your chat.

Kurt Robins: you can do it from your side...

Kurt Robins: copy it if you want

katemak: thank you Kurti am sorry to botther you

Kurt Robins: it's ok

Kurt Robins: as long as you played according to the terms and conditions of the bonus, you will get your winnings

katemak: what are the terms and conditions

katemak: dont understand

katemak: i did played only slots if you are thinking of that

Kurt Robins: yes

Kurt Robins: that bonus if for

Kurt Robins: Keep in mind that this bonus is for European Slot Poker, Keno, Real-Series Video Slots, Scratch Cards, Slots, and Bingo Games only. Enjoy and I wish you lots of luck!

Kurt Robins: and

Kurt Robins: Keep in mind that this bonus is for Blackjack, Multihand Video Poker, Video Poker, Perfect Pairs, Tri-Card Poker, Texas Hold Em Bonus Poker and Vegas Three Card Rummy only. Enjoy and I wish you lots of luck!

katemak: i did play slots only

katemak: i think its ok

Kurt Robins: yes

katemak: thank you again

katemak: good night

Kurt Robins: bye bye :)

Kurt Robins: If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help anytime!

Chat start time Nov 10, 2013 8:29:28 AM EST

Chat end time Nov 10, 2013 9:13:26 AM EST

Duration (actual chatting time) 00:43:57

Operator Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager

Chat Transcript

info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.

info: You are now chatting with 'Cherryl Jordan'

Cherryl Jordan: Welcome to Slots Jungle, this is Cherryl.

Cherryl Jordan: May I have your Username and how may I assist you?

you: Hi katemak here want to ask you if I can deposit tomorow bank to bank maybe

Cherryl Jordan: Hi there

you: Or you only have credit card deposits ?

Cherryl Jordan: You may check all deposit options available in the cashier - deposit tab

Cherryl Jordan: You may use Visa, Master Card or AmEx

Cherryl Jordan: UnionPay card

Cherryl Jordan: Neteller as well

you: So no bank wire or western union ?

you: How about from mooneybokers?

Cherryl Jordan: You may use moneybookers

you: I need to ask you something else

Cherryl Jordan: Sure :)

you: Last week I did won from no deposit bonus free spins 1000$ so I asked the chat can I redeem those money because thtwas not first time that I use your no deposit offers and never deposit at your casino

you: So hi told me I can withdraw those money

you: So I am asking you again if I deposit will I be angle to withdraw those money?

Cherryl Jordan: The maximum cashout is $300

Cherryl Jordan: So you may get this money

Cherryl Jordan: Are you familiar with withdrawal procedure ?

Cherryl Jordan: You will need to download and fill out the FAXBACK form we have on our site.

Cherryl Jordan: You will also need to send the following documents:

Cherryl Jordan: official photo ID (in color);

Cherryl Jordan: Copies of the credit cards used on the site (front and back);

Cherryl Jordan: 2 official documents confirming your name at your address (such as a utility or phone bill, bank statement or voided check, pay stub, dated in the last 3 months).

Cherryl Jordan: It takes up to 3 business days for finance department to approve the documents.

Cherryl Jordan: Once your faxback form is approved, you need to go to cashier and make a withdrawal request.

you: But I never deposited at your casino and this is not first time that I did use your free spins ? Are you sure?

you: Do you understand me what I am asking you?

Cherryl Jordan: Katerina I am sorry for misinforming you

Cherryl Jordan: Just noticed that you used 4 no deposit codes with us already

Cherryl Jordan: Which is not allowed by our Terms and Conditions

Cherryl Jordan: So you will not be able to get those winnings

you: So why did you well not you someone from the chat guaranteed me that no matter it was no first time using those free spins I will get those money???

Cherryl Jordan: I am sorry for this misunderstanding

you: Now you are telling me sorry band the last chat you did guaranteed me???

you: Really don't understand????

Cherryl Jordan: Katerina you violated our Terms and Conditions using no deposit bonuses 4 times

Cherryl Jordan: This caused this situation

Cherryl Jordan: Next time please follow the rules and you will be welcome to withdraw winnings

you: I did asked him times is that OK hi said yes

you: 2 times

you: This is your fault not mine

Cherryl Jordan: It is up to the relevant department to pay your winnings

Cherryl Jordan: You will not be able to get this winnings because you violated our Terms and Conditions

Cherryl Jordan: You need always check coupon details while playing

you: No no don't tell me that please I did asked you chat 2_3times hi said its OK

you: Now you are telling me big noo

Cherryl Jordan: Katerina the problem is that you took bonus when you were not supposed to

Cherryl Jordan: not what he told you

you: Tell me who is Kurt Robins?

Cherryl Jordan: He is one of support representatives

you: Well can I talk to him?

Cherryl Jordan: He is not available at this time

Cherryl Jordan: And no matter what he told you

Cherryl Jordan: Or will tell you

Cherryl Jordan: I am now going to transfer you to a VIP Account Manager

info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager'.

info: You are now chatting with 'Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager'

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: Hi this is the casino manager

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: I wanted to handle this situation

you: Hi said its OK I said its not the first time that I am not using no deposit bonus hi said its OK 'do you guarantee me hi said yes

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: please, tell me, did you read our terms and conditions when you signed up for your account?

you: OK

you: Noo

you: I never do

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: Why not? You told us you did

you: I know that you are not suppose to use no more then 1nodeposit bonus

you: But my qquestion is why did hi miss lead me???

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: Great, then you know that the winnings on this bonus are now void because you redeemed more than one bonus before making a deposit.

you: I did asked him 2times hi said its OK

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: If you would like to make a deposit, we'd be happy to give you a great bonus and you can withdraw when you win in the future

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: I will check the chat history and make sure this doesn't happen again

you: Would you like to used the mail from the chat?

you: I will send it to you

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: I have it here

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: I will make sure to speak with kurt regarding this matter.

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: However, despite what he told you, the terms of the casino still stand

you: Well did you read it ???that is not right !!! You did miss lead me

you: Ohh don't give me that despite of that!!!

you: That is your fault as a manager!!!

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: He mislead you and I will be sure to take the appropriate action regarding him

you: The a

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: I am not his direct supervisor, but I will speak to her and him

you: The appropriate action is that you should give me those money

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: Sorry, I cannot do that

you: What do I get from that?

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: You have my sincerest apology and if you decide to play with us, I will immediately promote you to our vip classes

you: You have persons who don't know your terms and conditions and you are expecting from us to read and understand?..

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: I will make sure this doesn't happen in the future

you: So that's it???

you: This is not right?

you: Where can I. File a complaint ?.

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: You can file a complaint with our regulator here: http:/­/ww­w.c­ent­ral­dis­put­esy­ste­m.c­om/­for­m.a­sp?­cas­ino­ID=1017

you: Well nice manager are you also your stuff is the same

you: Thanks

Jacob Stacher-Casino Manager: Sorry for the problem

info: Your chat transcript will be sent to xxxxxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­@ms­n.com at the end of your chat.

Posted on January 2, 2014


After speaking with the management in Slots Jungle casino, we received the following response:

At the time, they apologized for the incident and told you that the internal problem regarding the training of their agents would be fixed on their end.

However, it still stands that the terms and conditions of the casino were not properly observed by you, the player; and even if they had a representative who made a mistake, the terms and conditions on the site are the what take precedence in this situation. Additionally, there isn't really anything that can be done additionally in this case as the issue is now almost 2 months old.

The casino management again sends their apologies and assures that the situation has been solved internally on their end so this kind of situation will not happen in the future.



Posted on January 2, 2014

As i can see for all these complaints here, you are not very interested in your costumers opinion ,or me to become your depositor,but with behavior like this you are doing the opposite thing never to deposit here,learn how you should treat your players from Netent Casinos ,thats why i am depositor there,but please note by this all players money ,your casino puts in its wallet ,so if you were some serious casino you would give me something , some bonus as a excuse.But now no thanks.

Posted on January 5, 2014


The casino sent us the following response:

We apologize again for the situation. However, as you had used a no deposit bonus even before this issue, we cannot give you another one at this time that you would be able to cash out on. If you would like to just try out the games some more, we can give you some play money just for that. If you would like to become a player with us, we can work with you to even design a special bonus program just for you and your style of gameplay. You, and any other player can do that at any time by asking to speak to an account manager. We are always happy to help players with any issues or problems, and always want to resolve any issues that deal with our staff in particular. If you would like, you can contact our new player account manager directly, her email is [email protected] and she can help to work out a bonus program for you to use as a player with our casino.

Jacob Stacher

Slots Jungle Casino

Casino Manager

Posted on January 7, 2014

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