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Sloto Cash Casino Don't Pay, no replies

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Disputed casino Sloto' Cash Casino
Reason Declined payment
Posted on May 16, 2014

I signed up at Slotocash Casino on early October. I made a deposit of 500, and claimed a signup of 400% bonus. I had a total of 2500 in my account. I played at different slots at the casino and my balance went up and down and stayed around the same. I was placing (20-25 dollar bets per spin).

Then I went to a video slot called "pay dirt" played for a while and hit a feature and with the 25 dollar bet size I won 32,006. So at that time my balance is around 36,771. I continued to play with my balance because I feel very lucky but my balance quickly depletes to around 27,000 and when I head the the cashier, I saw that I have already fulfilled my wagering requirements for a long time already.

I went to the cashier and found out that the maximum withdrawal for moneybookers at that time is only 100 each. So i withdrew 5 times 100, which is 500. I was asked for documents and I send it promptly and all were verified.

During October and November, I went on live chat many times to check the progress of my withdrawal and every time they told me there are processor problems but my money will be safe with them and they will be sent shortly. And they told me I am a value customer and money will be sent asap.

I continue waiting and keep on checking the progress and finally 3 times 100 was processed. Then I check the cashier and see that they allow 4000 per moneybookers withdrawal now. So i requested another 8000.

During my wait for my withdrawal, I have played back quite a bit. I lost around 10,000 while waiting (paydirt slot machine), because I thought I could continue winning. I know this is not the fault of the casino. But I have been waiting for too long and wanted to play.

But today, i received an email from "slotocash" management.

It is clear on futher analysis of your gaming session that you abused the bonus by wagering max $50 per spin with a $500 deposit after claiming the 400% match bonus and reducing your bet to $20 to grind out wagering. As per our terms and conditions below, your recent withdrawal request has been denied and winnings void by management.

Your account has been closed and your orignal deposit refunded to Moneybookers account XXXXXXX. Casino management decision is final.

I do not understand how they could give this kind of statement.

I won at pay dirt which is 25 per spin. And I never "reduce my bet to 20". Some slot the bet is 20. If I can't play with 25 per spin and I can't play with 20, am I suppose to be only playing with bet size of, 21, 22, 23, 24? I am not able to do that because most slot they set maximum to 20. Some are 25.

If I decide to grind with bets of 25 to abuse why would I continue playing after fulfilling the wagering requirements and lost 10,000 or more. And how did I reduce by bet to 25 when I have always played with 25?

I see that recently, in late November or December, they have added a term of maximum bet size of 6.25 with the welcome bonuses. But I have finished playing in October so this term doesn’t apply to me. So I guess that is the reason they didn’t mentioned it.

I have played with betsize 25 throughout my play of 99% of my spins. Other 1% i might bet 20 because the maximum of that slot is 20. I authorize Slotocash to pass my game play activiity to askgamblers to verifiy.

I have also attached a screen shot of my paydirt win of betsize 25 of 32,006 to askgamblers to verify my win.

Thank you.

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