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Royal Ace Casino - Approval of withdrawal still pending after 14 days

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Royal Ace Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 1452
Posted on October 2, 2020

Royal Ace is still continuing to stall on the withdrawal approval above and beyond their terms and conditions of 7 days. As of 10/1/2020, it will be exactly 14 days with no approval and them wanting me to use my $1700 pending withdrawal to be able to qualify for any of their promotions or bonus programs. They escalated my account to "Executive VIP" but have a gridlock on my winnings from 9-13-2020 of $1700 - the bonus and wire transfer fee deductions. Attached in this complaint is a copy of the transcript. I am trying to remain civil in the transcript with the customer service rep. I also received an e-mail from their Hoo Yu identity verification website asking me again for the 3rd time this year for proof of identity when indeed it only needs to be 1 time per year Everything about me is still the same. There is just too much runaround with Royal Ace these past 6 months with delayed withdrawals, payments etc. and I am getting very weary of not receiving my winnings with their stalling tactics. Please help me. Thank you!

Chat Transcript with Gretchen <surname removed>

Chat started on 25 Sep 2020, 02:01 PM (GMT+0)

(02:01:05) *** Gretchen <surname removed> joined the chat ***

(02:01:05) Gretchen <surname removed>: Hi I am Hiskid9 @ <email removed>. why is my withdrawal stl pending since 9/14 and today is 9/25/20. This is now 10 days when yoyr terms and conditions say 7 days? Please check this out and let me know. Thank you!

(02:01:07) *** Zoey <surname removed>:  joined the chat ***

(02:01:12) Casino Support Center: Welcome to our Customer Center Live Support. While we find the best agent to assist you, please help us expedite your request by typing your username, email address and your request in this chat box. One of our representatives will be with you shortly.

(02:01:19) Zoey <surname removed>:: Hi Gretchen!

(02:01:24) Zoey <surname removed>:: This is Zoey.

(02:01:28) Zoey <surname removed>:: Thanks for contacting Royal Ace Casino. I will do my best to help you today.

(02:01:28) Gretchen <surname removed>: hello

(02:01:31) Zoey <surname removed>:: I hope you and your loved ones are well and in the best of health.

(02:01:41) Gretchen <surname removed>: thank you

(02:02:06) Zoey <surname removed>:: You are most welcome. Can I ask for your phone number too please for verification?

(02:02:06) Gretchen <surname removed>: HI A

(02:02:19) Gretchen <surname removed>: 13303094946

(02:02:47) Zoey <surname removed>:: Thanks!

(02:02:52) Zoey <surname removed>:: Allow me a moment while I check your account. Thank you for your patience!

(02:02:57) Gretchen <surname removed>: ok

(02:05:24) Zoey <surname removed>:: I'm back. Thank you for waiting.

(02:05:38) Zoey <surname removed>:: Allow me to escalate this for you now Gretchen.

(02:05:42) Zoey <surname removed>:: Hold on please.

(02:06:17) Gretchen <surname removed>: thank you

(02:08:14) Zoey <surname removed>:: Sorry for the long wait Gretchen.

(02:08:44) Zoey <surname removed>:: I have escalated your request to be approved and paid the soonest time we can.

(02:09:56) Gretchen <surname removed>: Did my withdrawal get approved for $1700 minus the bonus amount?

(02:10:25) Gretchen <surname removed>: What is the soonest time we can mean?

(02:10:48) Zoey <surname removed>:: Not yet at the moment. Kindly give us 3 to 5 business days to process the escalation I made.

(02:13:03) Gretchen <surname removed>: so it will be a total of 5 more business days before I see that the pending withdrawal has been approved and then wait how long for it to be paid?

(02:13:44) Zoey <surname removed>:: After withdrawal is approved, we send the funds within the following 7-10 business days. Once the funds have been sent, the delivery time may vary according to our payment service providers' limitations.

(02:14:05) Zoey <surname removed>:: There can be cases too when it can be much less Gretchen.

(02:14:46) Gretchen <surname removed>: ok. But i see I cannot play until I am aporoved.

(02:17:24) Zoey <surname removed>:: We can only add fun money to play for practice mode. I can add $2,500 just for you to pass time.

(02:19:36) Gretchen <surname removed>: ok. Well I will check back by mid week Sept 30th and see if it gas been approved. I got a request last weekend from HooYu for documents to prove who I am and when I uploaded z coly if my passport and utility i

(02:20:33) Gretchen <surname removed>: bill, as well as a copy of my photo. Then after that, t

(02:24:03) Gretchen <surname removed>: Hoo Yu went off the grid and the picture of Royal Ace went away. I use my mobile phone to play and then when I use my desktop PC, Royal Ace asks me to register for a new account and that cancels out me having a duplicate account which is illegal! How can I use my pc and my mobile phone as the sane account?

(02:26:19) Zoey <surname removed>:: Your accounts were verified as of February 2020 so documents will be good for a year. You don't need to send it yet until February 2021.

(02:27:43) Zoey <surname removed>:: As for your account, which account are you log-in now?

(02:28:48) Gretchen <surname removed>: I was asked to in June 2020 to resubmit all my documents and did so I could get my 3 pending payments

(02:29:55) Zoey <surname removed>:: The HooYu email is just an automatic email when requesting for withdrawal. You can disregard these emails since your account is already verified since February 2020.

(02:30:25) Gretchen <surname removed>: approved payouts. It took 6 more weeks to get paid. Please send me a copy of this transcript after this chat closes. Thank you Zoey.

(02:31:12) Gretchen <surname removed>: i am using my mobile phone now.

(02:31:19) Zoey <surname removed>:: Of course Gretchen. To what email would be like me to send this transcript?

(02:31:56) Gretchen <surname removed>: please send to email address: <email removed>

(02:32:06) Zoey <surname removed>:: If you're having issues in logging in to your Hiskid9 please let us know so we can assist you in logging in.

(02:32:20) Gretchen <surname removed>: ok

(02:32:53) Zoey <surname removed>: Our chat transcript will be sent to your email once our chat ends.

(02:32:58) Zoey <surname removed>:: If you have any other questions, please feel free to let me know. I will be happy to help.

(02:34:23) Zoey <surname removed>:: I have added the $2,500 fun money too.

(02:34:31) Gretchen <surname removed>: ok Can you assure me that my current pending withdrawal will be approved by Sept 30 - Oct 3rd?

(02:36:11) Zoey <surname removed>:: We'll do our best to have this approved the soonest time we can Gretchen. Kindly have my escalation checked by

September 30th.

(02:36:34) Zoey <surname removed>:: Also, before I forget. Advance happy birthday Gretchen!

(02:36:43) Zoey <surname removed>:: Wishing you all the best in the world.

(02:39:39) Gretchen <surname removed>: yes Thank you! I wanted to play again for real for my birthday which is Sept 29th....how nice it would be approved

so I could play with bonus play money to win again!

(02:41:05) Zoey <surname removed>:: Let's hope for the best dear. I already escalated this so rest assured we'll have this approved.

(02:42:36) Gretchen <surname removed>: thank you. How can I stop Hoo Yu from demanding proof of identity before I get an electronic wire transfer each

time I win?

(02:43:31) Zoey <surname removed>:: It's an automated response when players request cashout. Kindly disregard those email please.

(02:46:30) Gretchen <surname removed>: ok if I do, will that stop me from getting paid? Can you see on your system where I have sent in a new form from

Royal Ace in July. That was not from Customer Support but from the Financial Dept/ Customer Service? I still did not get paid

directly after that.

(02:48:24) Zoey <surname removed>:: That wouldn't be a problem since your account is already verified.

(02:48:51) Zoey <surname removed>: Would the form be your documents Gretchen?

(02:49:32) Gretchen <surname removed>: yes and an updated Royal Ace Registration form.

(02:50:00) Zoey <surname removed>:: Yes, I saw the email you sent on August 5th.

(02:51:19) Zoey <surname removed>:: We can not update your documents yet as it is still up to date.

(02:52:24) Gretchen <surname removed>: ok so this Hoo Yu thing is just another delay in me not being paid according to your terms and conditions?

(02:53:39) Zoey <surname removed>:: We're having a large volume of withdrawal requests lately. We do apologize for the delay.

(02:54:06) Gretchen <surname removed>: ok. I think we are done here. I am so confused. You tell me the right thing and then the tiers of management over


(02:54:43) Gretchen <surname removed>: something else.

(02:56:10) Zoey <surname removed>:: There might be delays Gretchen but we'll do our best to send this well-deserved payout as soon as possible.

(02:56:51) Gretchen <surname removed>: Thank you Zoey. I am just a little fish in the sea

(02:57:35) Gretchen <surname removed>: Wish I could win enough the right way to survive and sustain my family.

(02:58:53) Zoey <surname removed>:: We'll do better in providing our services for the sake of our loyal players such as yourself Gretchen.

(03:00:03) Zoey <surname removed>:: I wish you the best and happiness for you and your family.

(03:00:20) Zoey <surname removed>:: May I help you with anything more today?

(03:01:09) Gretchen <surname removed>: Ok and thank you. I will leave this chat and pray for your skillful talent as Customer Service to play this whole

thing out. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

(03:01:22) *** Gretchen <surname removed>has rated the chat Good ***

(03:01:39) Zoey <surname removed>:: Do take care and stay safe please.

(03:02:04) *** Gretchen <surname removed>left the chat ***

Posted on October 6, 2020

Hi Gretchen--

I sincerely apologize for the difficulties you've been having with this.

You'll be pleased to know that your withdrawal is being approved this morning and will be sent to be processed, tomorrow.

I'll be sure to come back in a day or two with the transaction details...

All the best,


Posted on October 7, 2020

Thsnk you Tawni for completing my withdrawal for the $1700 minus the bonus fee. I await your reply when the
funds are transfered into my checking account. Thank you are all your hard work.

Posted on October 11, 2020

Hi Gretchen--

As promised, your payment was sent off to our processor, last week: 10/6 Paid $1452 + no Service Fee for transaction 67714002. According to our processor, the wire was completed on the 7th, so I would expect the funds will reach your account tomorrow (if not already). ;-)

I wish you all the best,


Posted on October 11, 2020

Thank you Tawni! I checked my bank on the 8th, 9th and 10th. Nothing is showing up as posted yet. Since I am living in the USA, Monday Oct 12th is a holiday. Most banks and other government offices are closed.

I will check with my bank again

on Tuesday, Oct 13th. I will get back with you on Tues or Wed.

and let you know for sure. Thank you for being so expedient in this matter🙂

Posted on October 13, 2020

Just letting you know Tawni that the federal wire transfer is now pending in my checking accoun as of Oct. 13. Since international wire transfers can take up to 5 business days to post. The funds should drop and be available tomorrow.
The amount of the actual wire transfer is. $1409.35. Thank you so much and Ibtruly appreciate your efforts. I found another online casino that seems to be working for me at the moment. You csn close this case out as RESOLVED!!

Posted on October 17, 2020

Hi Gretchen--

Thanks for confirming you've received the funds. ;-)

I wish you all the very best,


Posted on October 20, 2020

Dear all,

As apparent from the submitter's latest post, the AskGamblers Complaint Team is pleased to announce the case has been resolved and closed.

We thank both parties for their assistance during the complaint process.

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