Spin Palace Casino - Having troubles to purchase another continue in a tournament!

TheKelster United States
posted on October 24, 2014.

Played a free slot tournament (ID 727466) today in which gave 2 minutes play time. On completion of the free-play 2 minutes it gave you an option to continue the tournament for the cost of 2 pound for 2 more minutes as I finished 4th I decided to deposit money into the casino and play on as I believed I had a good chance of taking out 1st place for a prize of 50 pound. Under the rules of the tournament you could continue to play on for the cost of 2 pound up to 999 times if you wished. It let me continue around 10-12 times, I had spent just under$40 Australian on the tournament. I hit first place and there was still approximatley 15 min before the tournament to finish and then when there was nearly 7 minutes left before finish of tournament I noticed the person who was coming second must have purchased a continue to try and hit the lead. So I went to purchase another continue in order to stay in the lead and every time I hit the continue button it would only give me the option to deposit money and continue. I had already deposited money to continue and still had $40 left it did not do this to me with the other 10-12 purchases and no where in the rules is it written that I have to deposit before continuing. By the time I got hold of live chat the person who was coming 2nd hit the front and won by 1000 credits. The point of my complaint is that it would not let me purchase another continue without making another deposit even though in the rules I could continue up to 999 times with no restrictions and there was still sufficent time left with more than 6 minutes on the clock left. If I was able to purchase another continue I would with no doubt came 1st and would have won 50 pound instead because It would not let me continue the same way I had the other 10-12 times I come second and won 25 pound. I feel as if this was totally shonky and totally got ripped off. When I spoke to live help I explained exactly what had happened and told the girl I felt like they had totally ripped me off. Her explanation was Im sorry to hear that you came second I said but your casino did not let me purchase another continue you ripped me off. I then got convinantly cut off. I got back on to chat and got another person she said that it must somewhere be in the rules that I had to make a deposit. I told her I already had deposited and still had $40 left and no where in the rules is that written. I got compensated with a lousy 25 free spins on a 1c machine for a total of 50 credits a spin (thats if you would call spending just under $40 on the tournament free) the spins worth a total $12.50 and I won $7 something out of does not make up for the 25 pound nearly $40 Australian that I missed out on

posted on October 27, 2014.

Dear @TheKelster ,
Any update considering this complaint? Thank you.

TheKelster United States
posted on October 28, 2014.

No nothing at all. Would be nice if they either refund the money I spent on tournament or credit the amount I should have actually won. If not its their loss not mine as there will be no more deposits for that casino and all its sister sites from
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