Grand Parker Casino - Please give me my money!

arvias United States
posted on October 19, 2014.

In mid-June 2014 I requested a withdrawal of $2,000. Only $1,000 was approved. After about 3 weeks I requested the remaining $1,000. On 7/16 I was informed by email that my request was denied because my account had been "randomly selected for a security check" and I would hear from them within 60 business days. I did not. I enquired and on 10/14 received exactly the same claim about a security check. After repeated "live chats" and calls to phone support (1-877-362-3215) on 10/15 I spoke to 'Martin' who said he was a 'manager'. He assured me the matter would be resolved within 2 days. It was not. I really want my $1,000. I need it.

posted on October 22, 2014.

Hello Arvias,
Having checked your account we can see that Martin contacted Finance department on your behalf to get clarification on this issue.
We’re happy to inform you that your account checking has been completed successfully and your remaining winnings will be wired to your bank account in 2 installments, the first one has already been wired to your bank account.
Thank you for your patience and best regards,
Grand Parker Casino

posted on October 25, 2014.

We received conformation from the Submitter that this complaint is resolved.