Pending Withdrawal / Can't receive information from Sun Palace Casino

posted on April 4, 2012.


I have a pending withdrawal to the Sun Palace Casino since 8 February 2012.

I have contact the Casino multiple times and talk to the support agents about this withdrawal. They were only saying to me that it's a security matter and I should call security.

I tried to call security twice but I couldn't reach them. I send them emails and the only answer I received was this :

In regards to your last email please allow me to inform you that we are running a investigation since we detected several accounts created on your same area with suspicious activity, however this doesn’t mean that your account is one of them but please understand that is necessary for the security of our company to make sure that all the accounts are in good standing before we pay the pending withdrawals.

As soon as we finish this investigation we will contact you with top priority.

I was ok with this answer at first but now it has pasted to much time, almost 2 months, from my initial withdrawal.

I tried to contact support again but i received the same answers.

That's why I am making this complaint and I want you to help me.

I will wait for your response.


Theodora Papakosta.

posted on April 13, 2012.

Dear Askgamblers,

We are still working on this account; we will inform you promptly about our resolution and will provide further information once our investigation is finished, we have several customers with abnormal similarities and we need to discard any fraud posibbilities.

Dereck Watkins

Security Department Manager

Sun Palace Casino

posted on April 14, 2012.

You "are still working" since February, when I first made my initial withdrawal. The answer you are providing is exactly the same every time. Do you need over two month to investigate, whatever you investigate ?

I just think that you delay on purpose, trying to find reasons for not pay at all, because I haven't done anything wrong.