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Paddy Power Casino - Restricting my account, but allowed me to deposit and lose about 1900 eur afterwards

posted on September 25, 2015.

This is PaddyPower incident number 150714-002498.

I had a PaddyPower account since probably 2011. I lived in Ireland when I registered. I moved to Netherlands on 04-JUL-2013. Signed a lease for two years on 11-JUL-2013. I continued depositing to PaddyPower using PayPal and continued playing. Since moving to Netherlands I deposited about 2600 eur and lost about 1900. I played using IP address from Netherlands, from the apartment where I lived, and using the same IP address as I am writing this complaint.

On 03-FEB-2014 I tried logging in to my account. i got a message my account was "restricted". I contacted chat and was told the account was closed by Paddypower due to me accessing Paddypower site from Netherlands.

On or just before 15-JUL-2015 I contacted PaddyPower chat to get a refund of my losses during the time I played at PaddyPower while I lived in Netherlands. Incident case was opened with the number listed on top of the complaint. During the back and forth through email with the PaddyPower support, I provided the following evidence, as requested by the support:
Letter from local government showing I registered in the country on 11-JUL-2013
Lease for two years from 11-JUL-2013
Receipt for flight and train that I took when moving to Netherlands on 04-JUL-2013
Bank statement from Ulster Bank (Irish bank) showing I changed my address to the Dutch address
Bank statements which showed deposits into PaddyPower before and after the move (was allowed to deposit into PaddyPower while using Dutch IP address and play with Dutch IP address)
Bank statements from Dutch bank showing cash withdrawals on the days I deposited into PaddyPower, proving I was physically present in Netherlands at the time of deposits and play
Letter from my landlord in Netherlands stating that I lived at the address I still reside from 11-JUL-2013 until now

My complain is that I was allowed to deposit then play from Netherlands and lose but then I was NOT allowed to play from Netherlands, making me unable to win money back. This is the reason for me bringing this issue. If PaddyPower allowed me to play illegally (as per the country restrictions) then they should refund my losses during that period.

I am requesting PaddyPower to refund the losses during that period which amount to about 1900 eur.

posted on September 29, 2015.

Just a quick update that I emailed Paddy Power today again, 4th time in four weeks. I still have not received a single response.

posted on October 3, 2015.

Update: PaddyPower customer security specialist just contacted me. PaddyPower will refund €2250 that was deposited by me from Netherlands.

Refund still needs to be processed to a bank account. I had to provide a bank statement and copy of passport to process the refund. I will keep the complaint open until the money reaches my bank account.

Overall, I am satisfied by the resolution. I am only concerned that nobody provided an update for 4 weeks from the moment of my last email with requested evidence. If anyone from AskGamblers helped expedite this issue, I thank you.

posted on October 6, 2015.

PaddyPower refund came into my account today. You can close this complaint now. It was resolved successfully.

posted on October 7, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.