Paddy Power Casino - They let me register an account, play and won but then cut my winnings because of earlier self-exclusion!

PAULMASKELL1 United Kingdom
posted on February 11, 2015.


I firstly would like to admit I self excluded myself to a number of sites some years back as I was betting heavily on horses, but now I have that all in hand i have not bet for almost a year and was enticed about a paddy power casino offer that i was emailed about...I thought to myself i am pretty sure I am self excluded with these guys but what the heck I will try to sign up an account..I managed to sign up and received my casino bonus to my amazement I won over 6,000gbp in the casino when I had satisfied the wagering requirements I withdrew my money only to be told my winnings had been cut as I am self excluded ! I know this is a grey area and they are only doing there job but for me to be able to sign up an account and been given a bonus on this should the casino surely not honour this payout ? there seems no transparency here as I very much doubt I would have had my deposit returned to me if I had lost my money ???
In a nutshell if I am self excluded how was I able to sign up another account and receive a bonus from a deposit I made ? it seems so one sided from their end and I believe the casino should honour the winnings as they have given me the bonus in the first place ???
Failure to do so I will strongly advertise that Paddy Power openly welcome customers to gamble on their site and are allowed to do so EVEN if they self exclude themselves ! what sort of message does this firm send out if people REALLY do have gambling problems and are allowed to bet even if they have asked them not to take their bets ???
exclude me all you want but you are obliged to pay this amount to me as you have issued the bonus to me in such a negligent manner.

Regards Paul.

posted on February 16, 2015.

Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

PAULMASKELL1 United Kingdom
posted on February 18, 2015.

Hi I have had no update from Paddy power.