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Casino Estrella - Not allowing me to close my account and process withdrawals totaling $50,000 at the sane time


Complaint Info

Disputed casino

Casino Estrella




$ 42000

Posted on May 19, 2017

Helo askagmblers.

Casino estrela, although sometimes i feel there a solid casino, but also trying to take me into circles to keep playing to make me lost funds.

I have 50k pending withdrawals. I depsosited 12k of them which are my money.8k out of 50k has been approved.

I requested them to close my account untill all my withdrawals were proccessed since they have only 1k per day 5k per week max withdrawals.
I got a confirmation by email that i can do that and if i close my account finance dep. Will be able to proccess all withdrawals normaly.(attached is the email from maria)
A week later i decided to go to chat and request to close account untill all withdrawals were proccessed.

He said he will ask finance dep. He came back to me and said said yes it okay to do that( chat transcript attached)
Then suddnly after a minute he said finance dep is only "advicing you" not to close account incase there will be delayment and forget to proccess withdrawals.
I guaranteed him that i will come in to remind chat that i have a withdrawal today.
Then "again" !! He said finance dep. Said they will freeze all withdrawals if account is freezed. (All chat transcript attached)

How is that professional?
How is that honest?

Obviously there putting me into circles to keep playing and lose all. I will not continue playing untill all my money is in my account.
Obviously thats playing me.
Askgamblers please help me to know the truth as i am 100% feeling that all this is manipulating.
Ps: they dont have anything in there terms&condi. Saying that i cant proccess witbdrawals while in a cooloff period.

Attached all proofs.

Posted on May 23, 2017


After a few days of back and forth discussions with our different departments (customer support, VIP, financial), we would just like to point out that these comments are picked out of a bigger context.

Let us remind you that we have done several "gestures" going your way, as we always try to do in order to keep our players happy and satisfied with our product and services.

While we do have some withdrawal limits we have gone out of our way and processed bigger amounts of withdrawals and faster than usual. We have processed 12k€ within just a few days instead of 1k€/day and 5k€/week limits as per our terms an conditions and which is even more than your all time deposits on our site.

We have also reached out to other requests which were taken in charge personally by our customer support and VIP managers, which is not usually within our processes (you never reached a VIP status on our site).

All the efforts have been made on our end in order to keep you happy along your journey and therefore we're confident that the integrity and honesty of our site is not in question here.

After all efforts already made and since the case has now also been escalated with our license issuer, we will be in touch directly with Curaçao for any further details. Your account now being closed permanently and no pending withdrawal left, we will consider the case closed on our end.

We'd like to congratulate you again for the winnings on CasinoEstrella and with you the best of luck for the future.

The CasinoEstrella Team

Posted on May 26, 2017

Dear @Shihada1,

Please let us know if there's an update regarding your ongoing complaint. Please keep in mind that you are supposed to reply within the given 96-hours time frame, otherwise AskGamblers Complaints Team will consider the case as Resolved and it will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Posted on May 27, 2017

i would realy like to point out to askgamblers and to the public. this casino is not an" honest" one nor trusted, at least to "me"
dear estrela, why are you changing the subject with your reply and going right and left and circles??
the complaint i have is very obvious and straight forward. dont try to chnage the subject.
firstly congratulations to casino estrella that they did "NOT" allow me to close my account in order for me to lose 50,000eu and they succeeded.
that was there plan and they succeeded although they used untrusted ways and manipulation to do it.

is it legal to "NOT" allow me to close my account and tell me that if i did my withdrawals will be freezed???
is that honest?
is the certified?
would a trusted OR CERTIFIED casino tell me that i can close my account TWICE. then suddenly they tell me I CANT close it,
probably after realizing my withdrawal amount they changed there mind in a second and said no i cant close my account or withdrawals will be freezed.
(what a joke)
probably a manager was sitting behind the chat agent and made him say that after realizing the amount i had in my account.
this casino to me is nothing except manipulation, there vip system is also a joke, i deposited 12k in a super short time and when i requested to be vip they're like hey well make you vip in 3 weeks time keep depositing lets see how it goes.. they meant hey give us more money taking from you 12k isn't enough.

PS: that your words " we would just like to point out that these comments are picked out of a bigger context."
whats the bigger context? please post it or give it to askgamblers!
why lie?
i have posted to askgamblers all chats and emails and proofs of the subject im complaining about!
they did not allow me to close my account and made me lose 50k!

another note!: what win are you talking about?
i deposited 12k in estrela. about 6k of them in 2 days! and 12k in withdrawals was processed in 2 weeks?
why are you lieing again and saying few days?
2 weeks is not few days. funny casino

Ps: when estrela replies look how they make new circles
i would remind you estrela, my complaint is about you did not allow me to close my account and lied to me saying my withdrawal will be freezed. :)

Posted on May 30, 2017

Hi Shihada,

As explained before, there are no new circles, only what we explained in the previous comment.

On our side, we consider this case closed.

Again, congratulations for your winnings.

The CasinoEstrella Team

Posted on May 31, 2017

dear estrela,

youre simply an untrusted casino, manipulative and untruthful.

i deposited about 12k .. withdrew 12k .. if you have other proof please post it to the public.(stop saying lies and lies and lies and saying congrats on youre win) for god sake all you do in youre casino is lie lie lie lie.

estrela manipulated me to lose 48k "AFTER AFTER" i asked them to close my account and they REFUSED to close it.

all posts and chat transcripts are very clear and show the " intentions " from casino estrela.

let them proof me that its legal! il let go of this.
i know thats illegal they must close my account and withdraw all my funds, but they didnt allow me to close my account.

please askgamblers advice me what to do next.

ive been referring to ask gamblers for casinos in the past 3-4 years, i know for sure that iaskgambler is the best, but making estrella, 9.8 and trusted is realy unfair to me an to the public.
they are untrusted and just liars and manipulators.

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