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Casino Sieger - NetEnt slot Devil's Delight malfunction

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Casino Sieger
Reason Software glitch
Posted on February 3, 2015

The Devil's Delight slots has a so-called "Soul-o-Meter", where players can collect souls over a long time during play. When the meter reaches 15 souls, the "Soul Reaper Bonus Game" is triggered.

The NetEnt rules state that "Souls are saved for 48 hours from last spin."

However, this was not the case once when I played at Casino Sieger. The souls disappeared before 48 hours.

As I am a high roller it is not about pennies but probably a loss in the 1000€-area for me.

I have tried to resolve it both with Casino Sieger support, and with NetEnt, and none of them were able or willing to help, seemingly not even noticing that a software malfunction is a really serious issue.

Sieger Support wrote:
"We have checked, but Netent confirmed us that all settings from game are being restored,
and that there should be no losses of previous winnings in the session,
I can not check this for you,"

NetEnt replied:
"Thank you for contacting NetEnt.

We kindly ask you to contact your online casino's customer support team with your question. The casino will have the best possibility and tools to help you with any game related questions that you might have."

Time of happenings:
On Monday, September 22 I made a deposit at 17:22 h and played Devil's Delight. During this play session, I won 11 or 12 souls, which were stored correctly in the Soul-o-meter. I played till about 22:00 h.

The following Tuesday 23 I didn't have time to play. On Wednesday 24 after coming home at around 17:30 h I wanted to continue to playing but all souls had disappeared.

Posted on December 13, 2014

Dear @mavili,
Any update considering this complaint? Thank you.

Posted on January 10, 2015

This case has been reopened upon casino’s request and we would like to give it one last chance for a successful resolution.

Posted on January 13, 2015

I'm glad to hear the casino is going to address this issue. NetEnt, on the other hand, have just ignored my last email from December 22 where I asked them for an official statement.

Posted on January 16, 2015


we are sorry to hear about this complaint which we have tried to sort out with player „mavili“ previously.
Of course our support team contacted our game provider immediately after the noticification regarding the issue at the game „Devil's Delight“.

Our game supplier informed us that the game settings have been restored and there would be no losses of previous winnings in the game session. According to that statement we informed the player to solve the issue. It appears to us that the break between the two game session has been too long so the
mentioned „soul-o-meter“ went back to 0.

Either our game supplier nor our player management was able to locate any disturbances in the game function itself.

Still, as a „goodwill gesture“ we have given the player on more occasion freespins for this game, so he could, at our costs, gather the claimed missing symbols again. We would like to add on this one, is that we are not the game provider itself. and we run their content and games. When there is a technical issue within the game itself; we can only inform and let the players know. We have no influence what so ever on these features as a soul-o-meter, as that is outside our environment. We explained that to the player as well many times.

We feel we have done all in our power, we came up with a gesture, and we hoped we could satisfy the player, as we always try for our players, so they receive the quality which we would like to deliver to our players.


Casino Sieger

Posted on January 16, 2015

Dear Casino Representative,

thank you for replying. I cannot be satisfied with this, as this is no new facts at all.

1. You write that "It appears to us that the break between the two game session has been too long so the
mentioned „soul-o-meter“ went back to 0".
I have mentioned times and dates when I originally raised this issue. As a proof of my claim, I would ask you to publish the relevant game logs here. I think this will backup my claim. If you don't have access to the logs, NetEnt should have and I would ask you to contact NetEnt about it as they don't answer my emails.

2. You also mention "that the game settings have been restored [by NetEnt]". This is not correct. The souls disappeared and still were missing after I checked it when receiving your emails mentioning this.

3. You further mention that you have given me free spins. This is correct, however, I rejected these free spins as compensation, as they are none. I play at 20€ a spin, and 20 cent free spins cannot compensate for the loss through the disappeared souls worth around 1000€.

Thank you.


Posted on January 20, 2015

Dear Mavili;

with our previous and continously responses, we would like to show you and other players, that we take any complaints, or issue always very serious.

As the Netent games are not hosted on our side, we will need to go by the information they provide us. And playing their games, gives you the features you seem to admire, as the collection of these bonussymbols. The outcome of this bonus game, can never be predicted; we are speaking - of a situation which could have, might have been happening; or with other words, a situation with a lot of "if's"and "maybe's". Secondly, please note, that leaving a game and ending a session, Netent does not guarantee any restoration in their terms. And in case they have had technical errors, Nor Netent or we are in any way responsable for the loss of these bonus symbols, like described by you.

The information we have is; like we shared with you on previous occasions: all went correct. We gave you in the past a gesture, which we found appropiate, as it appears, we were not able to satisfy you. If you have an idea how we will be able to satisfy you, please send an email to our support team, and we will look in to it. Mavili, we take all our players and their words seriously, as we want you, and other players to be happy.

Kind regards Susanne

Posted on January 23, 2015

Dear Susanne,

I appreciate that you respond continously. However, opposed to what you are trying to show, the only thing your responses really show is your unwillingness to resolve this issue, and to me it seems exactly that you don't take this serious at all. The worst thing is that you ignored my wish to publish the play logs here.

My points are:

1. I had asked you to post the game logs here. This will prove my point without doubt. As long as you are refusing to do so, I have to assume the worst. As Neteller told me the Casino had all the info necessary, this could even mean some kind of built-in configurability (reset) option at the casino's end.

Again, I ask and authorize you to publish the play logs here.

2. You say NetEnt does not guarantee anything if players leave a game and terminate a session. This answer is not only ethically very questionabble, but also incorrect.

Extract from the game rules: „Souls are saved for 48 hours from last spin.“ If NetEnt is the reputable gaming provider we all assume they are, they should make sure the games work exactly as defined in their rules. If they do not, Casino Sieger (being the player's contractual partner) needs to assume responsibility. After all, my losses incurred due to this glitch are the Casino Sieger's winnings.

3. You are right if you say that the outcome of the bonus game is random. However, there are no „ifs“ and „maybes“ at all. Fact is, I had 11 or 12 bonus symbols collected. Fact is also that these – as opposed to the game rules – have disappeared. Fact is further that bonus symbols collected at 20€ bet size are not the same as when betting 20 cents. Therefore, of course, the compensation you have offered is nothing more than ridicoulos and I had no choice but to reject it. (20 cent is 1% of 20€!!!)

4. And yes, I do have a very clear idea how to satisfy me:

a) Please publish the game logs here to proove my point.
b) Please arrange that the game state (bonus symbols) when the glitch occured is re-established, so I can continue playing from this point. In case this is not possible for technical reasons, I would accept a monetary compensation. Somebody at NetEnt will be able to calculate the average bonus game winnings and go from there.

Thank you.

Posted on January 24, 2015

Dear Mavili,

Thank you for your update. We will have contact with Netent regarding your case. It will be helpful when you would forward your email communication with netent to our support team, so we can revert to your emails communicating with Netent towards this issue.

please send this as soon as possible to our support team, so we can speed this up.

We do want to outline, we are depending on Netent responses, cooperation and outcome. We are happy to find solutions and we would not ignore your issue and the opposite is truth, we are taking your case seriously.. We will do anything in our power to find a resolution for you with Netent.

Posted on January 28, 2015

Thank you.
I have just forwarded the email to Neteller to Casino Sieger Support - FYI: it doesn't contain any other info then what is already published here.

I'm looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

Posted on January 30, 2015

We are waiting for a respons from the game provider..

Posted on February 3, 2015

Any news?

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