Guts Casino - Still waiting for my withdrawals

posted on November 21, 2014.

So I won on this Casino over 8 days ago. My withdraw was 3000 because it was over 2300 euros I had to send in all my documents which I did already, I received no emails from this casino in reference to my withdraw and every time I needed information I had to contact them directly about it. Each day I was told that it would be in the next day my account and still nothing. They say on their site that deposits are made instantly yet here I sit 8 days later with none of my winnings. Please look into this for me, I have the supporting documents as thankfully I took screenshots of my win. Thanks again.

Addendum: So the casino Guts sent me money today that I was owes. I made a withdraw of 3000 all they sent me was 967.

posted on November 23, 2014.


I had a look at the players account last night and are in direct contact with her regarding this case.

The player had 2 withdrawals made, one of $1000 and one of $2000, since these were 2 individual transactions these should will appear as 2 individual transactions on your the players bank statement also.

The first withdrawal of 2000$ was requested 14/11/2014 00:30:33 and processed 17/11/2014 13:52:52
The second withdrawal of $1000 was requested 14/11/2014 02:09:23 and processed 17/11/2014 13:53:01

The reason why we could not process the withdrawal before the 17th was the fact that the account needed to be verified first according to our license agreement. The account was verified at 17/11/2014 13:45:43 and both withdrawals was sent for processing immediately after this.

As the player mentioned that she has received the one of $1000 but not the one of $2000, we have contacted our payment provider to trace the transactions and expecting to have an answer on this on Monday. The player informed me that the reason why the other withdrawal has did not yet reach her account, might be caused by her bank also, so this is also being looked at from her side.

Kind regards,
Tony Kjaldstrom
Head of Customer Operations

posted on November 23, 2014.

I contacted my bank and it's their end that is holding things up. Visa debit cards have a hold time of 5 days once released. Guts was extremely helpful with giving me an APN number to track my funds. All is good now. Thanks