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BitStarz Casino - Money disappearing from my account, followed by poor customer service and refusal of proper investigation


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Kaptein South Africa Message
Posted on December 7, 2017

Hi Askgamblers and Readers

First id like to admit that Bitstarz is my favorite casino and I deposit on average more than $1000 a month, Sometimes much more. Im disclosing this information to you to create an image of the type of customer I am and that I'm not a bargain hunter or chancer. The reason why I am here to lay a complaint is simply because Im not satisfied with an incident which the casino couldnt resolve for me over a span of 9 days and counting. It also does not help to contact casino managers as Ive learned that they do not respond to my emails, like in the case when $84 was stolen from my account due to negligence from the agent who allowed someone else to withdraw my money. But that's not why I am here, I just mentioned that to emphasize my frustration and how its been building up.

I would like to file a formal complaint now due to the following incident:
On 28 November 2017 I was busy playing a slot (Magic Shoppe) on my phone, which battery got drained and died whilst just received a bonus feature 3 free spins. I then grabbed my Ipad and carried on playing there. I finished the free spins and my account balance was on 27 EUR at the time. Shortly after, while on 0.25c spin, my money jumped from 27euro to 17eur instantly, Please see attached screenshot of my bet history aswell as quote below. The casino manager can confirm that this is infact the original csv file and was not edited or altered:

"358687891,Magic Shoppe­,EU­R,2­6.4­6,2­8.6­1,0.25­,2.4­0,­-2.1­5,­,,,­201­7-11-28 16:34:­41.9­19­,20­17-­11-28 16:43:37.101
358691522,Magic Shoppe­,EU­R,1­7.4­1,1­7.1­6,0.25­,0.0­0,­0.2­5,,­,,2­017­-11-28 16:41:­33.5­36­,20­17-­11-28 16:41:34.180"

There's a lot wrong with this quote... firstly on that specific spin i won 2.15 which should have made my balance 29euro, but instead made it 17eur.
Secondly, look at the TIME of occurrences!! Theres 2 mins difference and if you see the attached document, you will note that it was 2 minutes in the future, and not 2 minutes ago.... How is that even possible?

I remained calmed and went over to live support for assistance and the following is why I am upset. I do not really care about the 12euro or what, but its the principal and way they dealt with this query. I asked support agent, James for assistance and he responded by telling me that theres nothing wrong with my bet history and "the money was allocated to my account". I have no idea where he comes up with money allocated to my account as Im not complaining about allocation of money but about money disappearing. I then tried to argue this and requested for my bet history which he didnt send to me at first. He didn't want to listen to my situation and ended the conversation quickly. I let it go and the next day went to speak to Chris, to see if he will listen to my story and this is what happened. (Im going to quote the extracts from the original transcript here and will attach the original aswell if requested. The casino manager can verify that these are in fact original quotes):

As I started explaining, Chris said : " I cannot overturn any decision made by James. " - WHich I didnt ask for and barely started to explained my story.
I then proceeded to explain and Chris got iritated and said the foillowing:

"You have been explained the situation by James. You have received all the winnings and there are no money missing from your account.
I cannot help you any further, if you are not willing to send us an email and explain what is it exactly that is missing.
As all have been paid to you. '"

I showed him that my money went missing! Am I the only one who sees that? He then gets stuck on exactly what James got stuck previously which is "My money was allocated".... I feel like screaming out of frustration because nowhere did I complain that my money was NOT allocated. My complaint is that my money disappeared. Its evident on the csv file they sent to me but "there are no money missing" is all I get from them.

I spent my an hour trying to explain my problem to them but they keep on insisting that I must write a mail to the casino manager (Who doesnt reply to me). Why must I write to him? If my whole story is explained and the proof submitted... The agent can escalate, but i got the feeling they just wanted me to shut up and therefore directed me elsewhere.

Its a long story to be honest but eventually I managed to get them to "check with the technical department" - Which obviously did not happen. It was 9 days ago and No one came back to me yet. Ive been asking the agents about feedback and they tell me not to follow up and that they will email me, which never happens.

In a nutshell, if anyone reads this complaint, please concentrate on my money jumping from 29eur to 16eur @ 2 minutes in the past! Is it only me who finds that funny? Coz i've been told that there's nothing wrong with that.... And obviously your technical department was never informed as Im sure they will find the problem quite easy.

Its not the 12Euro which im after, Its the fact that the agents aren't listening to me and not taking me seriously, they are making me out to be wrong and basically playing games with me by making me believe that my case was escalated to technical department while in the meantime it was only something to make me leave them alone. That's disgusting service! My money disappeared and its "okay" with everyone and they brushed it off.

Please can anyone, askgamblers, casino manager, member of public - confirm that its abnormal what happened and that I am not out of my mind?


Kaptein South Africa Message
Posted on December 8, 2017


UPDATE: After the complaint was published , I received a mail from Chris all of a sudden where he admits that there was an issue and that my money dissapeared. He allocated the measly 10euro to my account....

Should I now be happy? Or is it normal to be even more angry because I was told by the same guy and his friends that NO money was missing and that they don't owe me anything.... 9 days it took for them to realize there's infact money gone. They obviously did not bother even going through my history to check what I tried to explain.

Posted on December 8, 2017

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.