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Sun Palace Casino - Miscommunication, delayed withdrawal requests

fb_10203774000950426 United States
Posted on December 16, 2015

I have had some issues with payment delay, and the financial department not clearly understanding my issues, and not responding to the issues I've had.

I first requested a $100 payout, there were no coupon codes active but my request was denied because I didn't complete the coupon bonus play through requirements. I replied to their email stating I had no active coupon and their system allowed me to request the the payout where as there was no amount to request during an active coupon. A few days later I received a response that it was an error and I could request the withdrawal again. I had already put the money back into my play amount.

A little while later, i requested an $800 pay out, after meeting the play through requirement of the bonus. This was more than 6 weeks ago. After about 2-3 weeks, I got an email asking to provide photos of all the cards I had used for deposits, my license and credit card verification forms. I did all that, a few days later I received confirmation it was all received but I still needed a phone call verification. I was asked to provide the best time to be contacted. I was not called at the time I stated was the best time, it was always several hours or even a day or two later. Finally after several attempts, they called only 30 minutes after my requested time. I was told that everything was in order and I'd be notified when my withdrawal was processed. I also requested another payout for $1800, which was split into 2 payouts as the maximum amount is $1000.

Over a week later, I received 3 emails, one for each withdrawal, requiring all the bank information and my name, address, etc. I thought it was a bit odd, but I was glad they did this because it was at that time I realized my primary bank doesn't accept International ACH transfers. However, just hours after they sent me the emails to verify the info and before I had responded, I got another email that said the $1000 withdrawal was processed. This was on 11/26 and I still don't have the money today on 12/13. I have sent several emails to them explaining that my bank won't accept it and trying to find out what the status is... has not been answered to date.

On 11/30 I submitted the info for a secondary bank and explained to them I had to change the bank information that I had initially entered on their website and said the new bank info was to be applied to all 3 withdrawal requests, including the one that was apparently processed.

On 12/1, I received confirmation that my bank info had been received, and that I'd be notified when my withdrawals are processed.

On 12/10, I received an email stating that 2 of the withdrawals have been processed to my PRIMARY bank account and that I should expect payment in 10 business days.

I replied stating my primary account does not accept International ACH and I had submitted new bank info 2 weeks ago and receipt confirmed from Sun Palace - and once again asking what happened to the pay out supposedly processed 2 weeks ago.

I understand they won't get that email until tomorrow and who knows how long before they respond, if they do. I am so frustrated right now I didn't know what else to do. I am hoping that by submitting this complaint here, maybe someone from Sun Palace will finally address the issues and get them resolved.

I do understand part of the problem is that I initially submitted bank info that would not work for these types of pay outs, however, in the email when they requested bank info verification, they did state that if you change your bank info please email the financial department, which I did, and it was confirmed. So I am very confused as to why they went ahead and attempted process with the old bank info and why they won't tell me what happened with my first deposit! You would think after 2 weeks and several emails asking what the status is, I would get some sort of response!

Aside from the issues I'm having getting the money, I have enjoyed the gaming with Sun Palace. If this can be resolved and I eventually get my pay outs, I will be happy to continue enjoying their games. At this point though, I refuse to deposit another dime without knowing if I'll ever get a payout. I am a patient person but without getting any response of my first withdrawal that seems to have gone to outerspace and then the other withdrawals going to the wrong bank, I'm kinda losing it at this point.

Posted on December 16, 2015

Dear Jennifer,
Your payment was paid on Dec 11th and you will have received an email confirmation from our Finance Department on that same date. Should you have any further questions please contact our Finance Department directly. Thank you

fb_10203774000950426 United States
Posted on December 16, 2015

Thank you for the speedy response! My complaint was mostly due to the payout being processed with the old bank information that I updated 2 weeks ago, with a confirmation from Sun Palace that the new information was received, but they went ahead and used the old bank info for the recent deposit. Somehow, even though my bank does not accept International transfers, they did in fact accept the recent payout deposit of $1,600, so I do have that amount in my bank account as of today.

However, I received a notification of payout processed for $1,000 in late November. This money has not appeared in either of my bank accounts that I submitted the information for. I would like this to be resolved asap. I have sent several emails in the past 2 weeks to the Finance Dept. asking about that first payout that they claimed was processed - at first it was a concern about the bank information and now I'm just wondering where it went as i never received it. There has been no response to this question as of today which is why I thought I might have a better shot at getting a response here.

Thank you!

Posted on December 18, 2015

Good day Jennifer. The Finance Department has been contacting you directly regarding this issue. Please continue to reply to their emails and calls so that this matter can be put to rest. As you acknowledged via email, you have received your payments. Thank you

fb_10203774000950426 United States
Posted on December 18, 2015

I received 2 out of 3 payments, not all. I did finally hear from the Finance dept. - first they said all 3 withdrawal requests were associated with a bonus I redeemed on 11/21 which is not true. My first request was on 10/23, had nothing to do with the 11/21 bonus. Now they are saying the $1000 I was told was processed for payment was not, nor will be paid because "bonus money is not cashable" - I am quite confused from these responses. I did get a 2nd reply only one day later, much faster than previously, and the communication I am receiving now is appreciated, just sad that I had to submit a complaint here to get anyone to respond to this issue. They say that my bonus redeemed for 1000 is not eligible for withdrawal, even though I wagered the 45,000 requirement. They also said just because they told me it was processed for payment does not mean it would be paid. So basically, for reasons I can't quite understand clearly, the 1000 from the bonus is apparently removed from any winnings I request to withdraw, and them telling me it was processed for payment (for something I apparently am not eligible for) makes absolutely no sense to me.

I deposit 500, redeem bonus for 1000. Play through all the required wagers, win some/lose some and end up with 1500 to request for withdrawal but apparently 1000 is not eligible for withdrawal. Why do they let you request withdrawal, tell you it's processed, and then say it's not yours to withdrawal?

Not sure what the point of bonus is if you cannot win anything from it. I wagered over 45,000, so how is anything I won still part of the initial 1000 bonus?

Posted on December 22, 2015

Dear Sun Palace team,
Can you please provide evidence that player did use a bonus where is clearly stated that bonus isn't cashable. Thank you in advance.

Posted on December 22, 2015

Hello Ask Gamblers.

Here is the link to the coupon that this client used:

The T&C here clearly state that the bonus money is non cashable and will be removed from the associated cashout request.

Thank you

fb_10203774000950426 United States
Posted on December 22, 2015

I am currently receiving ongoing communication on this issue from Sun Palace finance dept. as they are now responding. They have reminded me of the terms & conditions of this particular bonus. The link posted above does not seem to work, but I have a copy from the email.

I had interpreted 'non-cashable' as I cannot deposit, redeem bonus the request payout. I had thought that wagering through 45,000, losing enough to dip below my initial deposit and then winning some would mean that bonus is long gone and I would be able to request what I won.

What is confusing me the most is that I was able to request a payout and then was told the $1000 payout was processed, then received no response for over 2 weeks on what happened to that processed payout. I did not get a response to this until I submitted a complaint here, and now I am getting continued communication. The representatives that have responded have been polite and I appreciate their assistance although the outcome wasn't quite as I had hoped.

I would like to suggest that if customers are not eligible for a certain amount, that it not be available for payout request and that they are not told their payout was processed. That would alleviate a lot of confusion.

I had previously stated that I would no longer play at Sun Palace as I was frustrated at the situation and lack of response initially. Now that I have received communication and reminded of the terms, I may play on their website in the future. Although the final result was not as I had hoped, i am considering this case resolved. Thank you.

Posted on December 24, 2015

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.

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