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Lucky Days Casino - Not processing withdrawal and no effort to work with me


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$ 200

Posted on January 20, 2021

I have played and withdrawn many times with them and verified my acccount. This time however I did a deposit through interact instead of idebit. They are not allowing me to cash out now because they want proof of the etransfer from my bank account. I have sent them everything I can and it’s easy to clearly see I made the deposit to them. The issue is my bank just shows free e-transfer in the statement and they insist it needs to show their name.

So I called my bank and they told me to print the etransfer report and send to them which I have done and they still not accepting.

The lack of not willing to work with me on a solution and the fact I am an established customer is very concerning. I have sent them even the email from my bank that confirms the etransfer was successful with a transaction #.

Luckily this is only for $200 but any help getting this addressed would be appreciated.

Posted on January 21, 2021


I've had a look at the account in question the most recent document you provided was approved. Your account was verified on 19:31:43 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on 2021/01/19 and I could also see that an email was sent out shortly after the account was verified.

Kindly see attached screenshot (I've covered your first name in the email for privacy reasons).

Your recent withdrawal of $200 was paid out shortly after (on 2021/01/19 19:39:24 UTC) and should reach your bank account within 1-3 banking days from when it was paid out.

Have a nice day and please let us know if you have any further questions.

Posted on January 21, 2021

Dear @Cds171612cds,

The AskGamblers Complaint Team is kindly asking you to update your complaint in a timely manner and let us know if you have received the disputed payment. Please be notified that, in case you fail to respond within the given timeframe, we will consider your case resolved and it will be closed accordingly.

Please keep in mind that, as per the AGCCS Terms and Guidelines which you accepted upon registering and using our complaints system, you are obliged to provide the necessary level of assistance and cooperation during the process and providing updates in a timely manner is a must.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.