21 Casino - Live support gave wrong info about a current bonus offer

Adam Lewenko Poland
posted on June 18, 2016.

Hi, i was asking live support in this casino if i make 20 euros deposit, they give me 221 spins on any netent game what i have read on network, supporter say yes and process is automatic. Ok, so i make deposit but after my deposit i ask support how long i must wait to get those spins, but support tell me something like that: "ops, really sorry, it was my bad, we dont have that offer... But i will add to your account 10 euro".......... But everyone knows that when you have 221 spins on any netent slot, that means you will play games with min 0.20 cents ofcourse:) i have write few times to them, but they ignoring me and they say i must wait all weekend. Tjats sp bad because my money cant wait, if i know this is only 100 spins, i have many others casino with random email with promo to deposit 10 euros and get 100 spins....

posted on June 20, 2016.


Sorry for the confusion with our support agent. I've just checked your account and you signed up via an affiliate whose welcome offer was 21 free spins on deposit plus a 121% sign up bonus back in March (you used the no deposit free spins).

Since the time you signed up, and the time you deposited, the affiliate you signed up via changed their welcome offer to a much better one of €10 + 10 free spins on sign up and a 100 free spins on deposit plus a 121% deposit bonus up to unlimited. So when you deposited you got the correct sign up offer of 100 free spins and a 121% deposit bonus.

We do have some affiliates who offer the 221 free spins on deposit, I can only assume the agent you asked thought you signed up via an affilaite offering this deal so told you that you would get them on deposit. Unfortunately this wasn't the case as you didn't sign up with an affiliate offering this offer.

However I can see the agent credited you with €10 bonus for giving you the incorrect information, and has been in email contact with you to explain this situation. This seems very a very fair way to compensate you for misscommunication.

Kind Regards,


posted on June 23, 2016.

Dear @fb_938541452938957,

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