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Disputed casino Sun Palace Casino
Reason Delayed payment
bbmia331 United States Message
Posted on July 23, 2017

dear askgamblers,
i would appreciate your assistance with me getting a delayed payout from sun palace casino. i submitted my request in mid june, see as follows:

account payout requested - sun palace casino - traceid sun palace Casino [suppo¬≠[email protected]¬≠sun¬≠pal¬≠ace¬≠cas¬≠¬≠]sent: wednesday, june 14, 2017 4:43

payout request confirmation

This email confirms our receipt of your payout request via direct payout via ach for the amount of $ 000.00 usd at sun palace casino for your account id b. t. We will review your request shortly and you will be notified by email when your payout has been processed.

You can cancel payout requests before they are authorized for processing, by logging into your account and accessing the cashier/banking center or by contacting customer services.

we thank you for your continued business and are always available if you should have any questions.

websit¬≠e:h¬≠ttp¬≠://¬≠¬≠npa¬≠lac¬≠eca¬≠sin¬≠o.e¬≠uEm¬≠ail¬≠:su¬≠ppo¬≠[email protected]¬≠sun¬≠pal¬≠ace¬≠cas¬≠¬≠pho¬≠ne:¬≠please use live chat

i have contacted them on more than one occasion to follow up, here is my last chat:

chat transcript



choose a department: finance team

finance iothu, 06/29/17 10:55:05 am americ­a/n­ew_­yor­k h­ello. how may i help you?      10:56:35 am thanks, i requested a payout and want to know the processing time. i am b t playing at sun palace      finance IO10:57:06 am one moment, please. thank you for holding and congratulations on your win!11:05:09 am your payment is now in our provider's processing queue waiting for its turn to be processed (please note our provider processes the payments in a first-in first-out order). as soon as our provider confirms that your check has been sent out, we will notify you accordingly via e-mail.     11:08:11 am i appreciate that thank you but it does not show that it is in progress in the withdrawal page?11:09:37 amand at vegascasinonline i got my payout in less than a week11:11:41 amI'm a verified player with your group for many years.11:13:08 am     finance IO11:13:55 am as soon as the provider reaches the payment and starts processing it, it will change its status from ''requested'' to ''in progre­ss'­'. ­   ­  1­1:18:28 am yes i know and thanks again      finance IO11:18:45 am i have not been provided with a date by the provider, but my guess would be the payment should be processed within the next two weeks. ­ap­pro­xim­ate­ly..  ­   ­11:­19:36 am thanks for your patience with me i'll watch out for your email

but they only tell me that other requests are ahead of mine.

i do not believe this because i also play at another main street casino in their group, vegas casino online, and have recent wins there that i received in about seven days

i have had several payouts at vegas casino online and never experienced an issue such as this and it is the same casino group.

please help me in any way that you are able. thanks ag

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