Jackpot City Casino won't process my payout

posted on January 31, 2013.

I did a withdraw of 560 euro to neteller 3 day's ago and today they put the money back in my account. Now they want me to send documents before they do the withdraw. I did withdraws to neteller a couple of times before this.

It's not fair to make me wait for 3 day's and then ask me for my documents. Now i have to wait until they proces my documents and after that i have to wait 3 days again for them to put my money to my neteller account.

And they don't accept me on live chat. I logged in and out a couple of times. I could not upload my documents on the site because it keeps giving errors. So i had to call them to get an email adres to send it to.

This slow process is anoying and rude. I did the withdraw on monday and they ask for my documents on thursday. I send it to them. When will i have my money?

posted on February 8, 2013.

Please find herewith the feedback as requested:

The Dutch region tried to phone the player, with no success. Two emails were sent to the player by the Region informing the player to submit CPD documentation. The Region also attempted to chat with the player on 28 January 2013, but the player closed the chat browser.

On 31 January 2013, the player came into chat requesting the status of her withdrawal. She was informed to please submit CPD documentation.

The player then submitted the documentation on 31 January and Risk approved the documentation and payment was released on 04 February 2013.

posted on February 12, 2013.

 gabi, have you managed to sort out this issue?

posted on February 16, 2013.

 gabi, can we close this complaint?

posted on February 22, 2013.

 Due to inactivity of the submitter, this complaint can be considered withdrawn and case solved!