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Jackpot City Casino - false account?!

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Disputed casino Jackpot City Casino
Reason Verification issues
Posted on May 16, 2014

my grand daughter and her friends opened a jackpot city account using false information and making a deposit of $350 using a pre paid master card that was meant for her school supplies. they were found out within a few hours, I contact jackpot city told them what had happened got account closed and requested the funds returned, was told the payment couldn't be voided at that time as it was 2am and their payment centre wasn't open but the matter would be sorted out asap and I would hear from them within 2 days. its now 2 days and not a word from them so I contacted them again only to be told their payment centre is closed and wont be open now till Monday but that they had looked in to it and cant void the payment as it was made by a prepaid, this is a straight out lie, as the card provider told me payment could be voided, when I asked jackpot city how I would get the funds back I was told the money had been spent at the casino.. I said yes by under aged girls who did not have permission, am appalled and shocked that this casino is stalling about returning the funds, what can I do ? I have tried contacting them by phone but every damn time they say hold on while they check I get disconnected

Posted on February 4, 2014

not surprised jackpot city hasn't replied, wont speak to me via live chat, chat gets disconnected .. same over the phone .. they say please hold while they check and then disconnect me ... spoke to card provider have to wait 9 days from when the fraud accrued

to see if it drops off, if not then they will take action can take up to 4 weeks to get funds but still I know I will get them, have made complaint to the Australia gambling board and will registrar complaint with the 2 other sites that investigate casinos that I found on here. After reading some of the complaints on here about casinos like jackpot city, accepting deposits s then if people win they have to fight to get the money, shouldn't casinos be forced to verify accounts BEFORE they accept deposits ?

would make fraud harder if not impossible, but sadly casinos like jackpot city are only interested in getting the funds and couldn't careless where they come from,

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