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888 Casino - Inadequate Self Exclusion Checks

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Disputed casino 888 Casino
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axgod2 United Kingdom Message
Posted on May 11, 2018

I refer to to my accounts with: & - which as I understand, are all entities under the 888 Group.

Having realised I was suffering from a compulsive gambling addiction, I requested that a full self exclusion period was placed upon my 888 account on 06/19/2017 . However, on the 5/03/18 i was able to open an account with and deposit £105 then on 04/05/18 I was able to open an account with and make deposits totaling £630 i have contacted secret slots for my transaction history as I have also self-excluded from there. I was able using the same details as previously registered with 888, including: billing address, registered card details, paypal account, email address, IP address and usernames.

Upon registering with 'Moongames', I was allowed to make deposits totaling £630 and £105 with Vegasspins, there are also £350 worth of paypal deposits to 888 casino between 27/10/17 and 06/01/18 that i assume were secretslots or another entity - despite having a self exclusion ban placed on the account. As a 'responsible gaming provider' - that has a duty to help prevent compulsive usage - I am very disappointed that 888 holdings have failed to enforce their self exclusion policy/responsible gambling policy. No checks were made - which resulted in financial losses.

I have sought advice on the above and I herby request that:

i.) 888 holdings close my Moonspins, vegasspins and any other account in my name registered with a 888 group/Cassova Casino
ii.) 888 holdings provide a refund of the deposited funds, because of their inability to/inadequate checks for self exclusion.

Posted on May 11, 2018

Dear @axgod2,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed deposit refund request/s.

Thanks for cooperating the AskGamblers Complaints Team.

Posted on May 14, 2018

Hi there,
Our operations team is currently dealing with your complaint. Thank you for getting in touch and for your patience. 888 Team

Posted on May 14, 2018

According to our operations team, the case has been reviewed and the Self Exclusion was requested on 888 platforms, as stated in the email copy you provided. This includes 888sport, 888poker and 888casino, not Bingo or Instant Games. The Operations Team will be contacting you further in regards to your Bingo accounts.
Thank you, 888 Team

axgod2 United Kingdom Message
Posted on May 17, 2018

Hi thank you for your response, nobody has contacted me regarding any "Bingo" accounts although i'm not sure why that is relevant, i have also not been given my transaction history for secretslots despite requesting this twice. My self exclusion request should have applied to the whole 888group, all my deposits and losses were incurred on slots and not bingo or instant win games. I believe my deposits should be refunded as requested in the initial complaint.

Posted on May 17, 2018

Hi there,
According to our Operations Team, an email was sent from the Customer Security Team on May 14, also the Transaction History requested has been sent via email today. As advised previously, the Self Exclusion was requested on 888 platforms only, as explained in the email which you received when the Self Exclusion was put into action. Thank you 888 Team

axgod2 United Kingdom Message
Posted on May 17, 2018

Hi thank you for my transaction history, this confirms the other the £350 was from secretslots. So my requested refund is £1085

When requesting self exclusion from 888 casino, I should have been excluded from all other cassava group casinos and I should not have been able to open another account.

As stated in an interesting interview from John Anderson (JA), Former CEO of 888, now Non-Exec Director at 888.

"TRC: What is your stance on client protection? "

"JA: We’ve got a whole raft of back office computers and software which totally protects you as a client. Your money’s ring-fenced. We keep full and absolutely complete records here in Gibraltar. The amount of information we keep is absolutely phenomenal, far better than any bank or insurance company that I know and our back office staff are the best in the business. We’re also big into self-exclusion so if you feel that you’re getting ahead of yourself and you’re spending more than you planned to spend, I won’t let you play. I will help that person self-exclude."

Source: http:/­­/w­w­w.t­­he-­­re­p­o­rt.n­e­­t/g­­ib­r­a­lt­­ar/­­de­c­2­01­­2/3­­24­-­q­-a­­-jo­­hn­-­a­nd­­ers­­on­-­d­ep­­uty­­-c­h­a­ir­­man­­-o­f­-­gi­­bra­­lt­a­r­-b­­ett­­in­g­-­ga­­min­­g-­a­s­so­­cia­­ti­o­n­-n­­on-­­ex­e­c­ut­­ive­­-d­i­r­ec­­tor­­-o­f­-­88­­8-h­­ol­dings

I took the decision to self exclude as I identified I have a problem and yet I was easily able to open more accounts with the same group and continue gambling.

My complaint is about inadequate self exclusion and non of the answers so far have been able to mitigate that.

axgod2 United Kingdom Message
Posted on May 17, 2018

I have received this email outside of this complaint:

Dear Anthony,

This is the Customer Security Team as we have confirmed on previous correspondence, there has been no error and we have applied the level of Self Exclusion you requested yourself. We also confirmed the level you requested by emails. You could have changed this at any point on-line or by contacting the relevant Support Departments.


Customer Security Team
Custom­erS­ecu­rit­[email protected]­ass­

I have therefore asked for escalation to senior management with a view to escalating to the UK Gaming Commission

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