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Cashmio Casino - Getting a hard time requesting a withdrawal

72Mach1 Western Australia Message
Posted on 05 July 2016

Hi I am trying to make a withdrawal to my bank within Australia and the withdrawal box asks for an IBAN number which my Australian bank and most others don't use. If nothing is put in box you can't withdraw. Tried everything suggested. They are saying they have been open since end of May so as far as I'm concerned they know about this and have done for at least three weeks, they admitted I'm not only Australian customer complaining. I wonder just how many are waiting. They have told me if withdrawal not done through this withdrawal box it will bounce back in two weeks which is strange as I firstly know they are able to override that withdrawal box and do manually when asked. Secondly a transfer only takes 3-5days so why would it all of a sudden bounce back in two weeks, does not make sense and I feel I'm being stalled as their answers not good enough. If they've been open a month this issue should have been well and truly resolved and still if customer wants their money asap they should do manually on request if their system fails the customer. I have told them this will be on a public forum and the publicity won't be the best but that if resolved it will be also publicised by yourselves. Really this isn't good enough and chat person already conceded they should have done their homework on bank requirements of countries able to use their casino. I've been told one or two days for the withdrawal box issue to be resolved but I'm not convinced as its been known about too long and not fixed as yet. Think they need a push from yourselves who in past have done an excellent job on my behalf

72Mach1 Western Australia Message
Posted on 06 July 2016

Cashmio have said they will do a manual withdrawal but have asked for more banking ID evidence aside from all the photo evidence of cards, proof of address etc. I am now waiting for them to do manual transferral, will keep you posted. They still need to fix the withdrawal box in the withdrawal section so Australians can withdraw their money.

Posted on 06 July 2016


First of all, I want to apologize for your withdrawal not being possible in the amount of time desirable.
As our support pointed out, we are a very new casino, however as soon as your problem arose we started looking into it, a manual withdrawal have been made to your bank account and will be expected within 3-7 banking days due to a manual withdrawal to an overseas bank.

What our support meant with bouncing back in 2 weeks was: A withdrawal firstly goes through our payment department and must be accepted here, this is where we´re able to cancel your withdrawal. Next step is when it`s sent to our payment provider which then sends it to your bank, this is a step we cannot cancel and being sent to an invalid account or any other matter where they can’t find the bank account, they might start an investigation themselves before sending it back to us. This time limit is therefore not connected to the 3-5 working days.

For future needs of similar Australian users, we have now fixed this problem and it should be fully possible to make a withdrawal in the future to your bank account. We of course apologize deeply that this problem did not come to our attention earlier.

Please do keep us updated should this problem still exist or if you encounter any other error within our site, we will then of course do our utmost to fix this as soon as possible.

I hope this answered your questions.

72Mach1 Western Australia Message
Posted on 06 July 2016

Can confirm money has left my Cashmio account so fingers crossed, will let you know as soon as funds are in my Aussie bank, thankyou and if it's fixed then I can definitely recommend Cashmio, great bonus's throughout play.

72Mach1 Western Australia Message
Posted on 08 July 2016

Pleased to say this has now been resolved and funds are in bank....yay. Apparently issue with wthdrawal box fixed. If this the case Cashmio Casino definitely recommended. Thanks Ask Gamblers for ur help.

Posted on 08 July 2016

I`m glad to hear we solved this to your liking, hopefully you will never see this issue again.

Should you have any more questions or issues, please feel free to tell me about it straight away.

I wish you the best of luck on your future gaming!

Best regards,

72Mach1 Western Australia Message
Posted on 09 July 2016

Resolved, see previous message

Posted on 10 July 2016

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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