Jackpot City Casino - Host lie about a promo bonus to get the player to deposit.

posted on March 17, 2015.

Hi my name is Johnny aka ( Huu Kong Nguyen ) I been playing at jackpotcity for about 5 years now. My username is JCM61449267446.
On the 14/03/2015 I make a deposit of $300 to play. I didn't have much luck the games so when loss it all. I went on live chat to ask for a small bouns. They decline to give me a small bouns for my $300 deposit becos I had a 65% match offer on that already. That 65% was a promo that every player that play with them get everyday is call the daily deal. I wasn't too happy about it after been with them 5-6 years. And then the agent/ host that I was chatting with on live chat his name was nick, he then said to me " make more deposit, keep depositing Im very close to claim my frist prize "on a promotion that they got running atm the promo is call speed track. I don't know why he said that after I told him that I have no more money to deposit. So becos of wat he said to me that I'm very close to claim my prize I run around trying to get some money to deposit so I can claim my prize. If he didn't say that I was very close I wouldn't deposit.
So then i was able to get $300 to deposit and play, I lasted pretty long on the with that 300 but I end up playing it all back. So I went on my lobby to see if I could claim my prize. It turn out that I still haven't reach my frist beachmark yet to claim my prize. I found that abit strange alrdy becos the rule for the promo is the pin start moving base on deposit and wagering I was waging pretty high and playing for a good 2 hour and everytime I deposit is 300. So in my head I'm think is probably really really close now to claim the prize. So the next day I made a total of $600 deposit and play it for a good 2 hour and still I can't claim my prize. I started to scratch my head then thinking that something is not right here, I call in live chat to ask them to have a look on my promo to see if there anything wrong. They reply no everything is working in order. I then said to them it can't be cos yesterday I was told that I was very close to claim my prize and since then I have deposit 900 and play for a good 4-5hour on the game. And the agent name Zoe said to me there is no information or chat that support my claim. This is when I flip it and I said " are you serious " check harder. Is should be. Then she ask me do I remember the agent name that said that? I said is either ruan or nick. Amazingly she found the chat and she said to me nick was just saying to keep deposit if you want to reach ur breachmark and that's all he said. Omg I can't beleive wat I'm seeing and is so stupit that they are trying to cover it up. My patient ran out after her comment. So I hang up on her. I rather get a gun a shoot myself in the head then sit there and talk to her.
So the next day I made $400 deposit and yes u guess it, I still can't claim my prize from then I'm 100% sure that something is not right. I call in live chat again, this time I got a different agent I forgot his name it was a strange name. I told him wat happen for the pAst 3 day and he went and did a little investagion on his own about this issue. He then can back to after 20 min and said to me " I'm so sorry Johnny u were misinform about a information from a previous host about a promo for that I would like to add 20 dollar to ur account " I got so angry after hearing that I wasn't even close to the breachmark he lie to me so that I make more deposit and I deline his offer of $20 and I took a min to have a think n calm myself down and try to found a solution to resolve this matter in a nice and fair way. So I told him " look for the past 3 days I have been lie too and been stuff around by u guys to make this fair and I can move forward from this u have two option.. 1. Credit me 200 dollars or give back my deposit of $300 that I made when the agent ( Nick ) lie to my face to get me to deposit. I wont ask for all deposit since those misleading comment were made. I can but I won't if u pick one of those option now. I think that's very fair alrdy. And I will put this all behind me goin forward. " the agent then replie " no sry Johnny we won't take ur offer the best we can do is $20. Their is no negotiation on this, that is all we can do for u on this.
I said to him I deposit 300 and more base on a agent words and comment and u guys can't man up and accepted ur fault and do the right thing and return the player money. And on top of that I even gave u guys $100 off and only ask for $200 to be return becos I took into account that I did receive match bouns on that $300 deposit.
Becos of ur action and not being honest and civilise to ur client / players I want all deposit back that were made from the time that I was been lie to which is on the 14/03/2015.
I have try one last time this morning to resolve it again but they still been rude and aggrorent about it. So now I'm here.
The file and facts are with them ( jackpotcity)
The conversation between host and myself. They have a record of it.
I truely hope u can help me out with this.

Johnny ( Huu Kong Nguyen )

posted on March 20, 2015.

The amount is higher because from the time that the agent/ host lie to me I made the total amount of 970. That's when I found out it was a lie. I kept making those deposit because in truth is that I keep thinking that it was very close. Everytime I made a depaoit and play it all out I check if I could claim my prize. And second reason is that I gave the casino a chance to do the right thing and not be so unreasonable about it and accept ur false and I was happy to just get a single deposit back or even 200. But is the fact that they are been rude about this and won't take the blame for it. I beleive I have the right to get all the depsoit I made from the time that I was lie to, till the time I found out. If u look at my deposit pattern and history u will see that every depsoit I made I call in the call center to ask if I could claim the prize.