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Help needed as 888 casino has confiscated my winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino 888 Casino
Reason Declined payment
Posted on May 16, 2014

I sincerely need professional advise and help on my recent deposit and winnings at 888.com as the operation department refuse to pay the money to my account and I think this is a case that should be filed as such incidence is very different from all the complaints I read so far from any of the complain forum.

Story in key points:

1. Yesterday I deposit 9000 GBP and won up to 22980GBP

2. I did a cash withdraw with confirmation number being sent to my email account.

3. When I re login to the site, I was told that it has been suspended and I therefore called 888.com customer service hotline and request for explanation, the representative said I have previously self excluded myself from the site and I should receive an email very quickly but then she said I congratulation as with my winnings as the winning will still be paid.

4. Today I received an email from the operation department saying that they will avoid all the transactions with 888.com and they will not pay out my winnings.

Further information:

1. I joined 888.com years ago and previously did self excluded myself from them as I lost over 80K in one go.

2. After a while later, the company sent me marketing material through different email and somehow I re-joined the site and played. This time I lost a lot again over 20K+

3. I did complain before and said why did they send me marketing material while I was in my exclusion period. Will they refund those money I lost? and they said NO.

4. The case was off and I regret what I did.

5. A while later, I receive marketing material again and I enrol to the site yesterday.

6. This time I won up 10K and request for cash out but then receive email from them today that because I have self excluded myself and agree not to play with 888.com, any winnings and deposit will be confiscated.

Do you find this very unfair? Self exclusion means they will avoid me from logging into the account but somehow they let me do that few times, but when I lost they wont repay my lost money, and if I win (like this time?) they wont pay me back my winnings.

Positive Proof.

1. Phone conversation recorded with supporting team saying that pay out will be provided with time recorded.

2. Email confirmation with the withdrawal.


1. May have agreed previously with the company self exclusion terms and condition which I am sure that just a big company they will have all the statement protecting themselves.

Please advise what should I do and what is my ground of appealing?

Thanks for your professional advise.

Posted on September 8, 2013

We cannot discuss your case history in an open forum.

You will receive a response to your emails where we can address your concerns.

We take self exclusion very seriously, as a company that prides itself on its responsible gaming procedures, and will review your comments and respond directly.

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