Grande Vegas Casino closed my account and refused to provide any explanation

Tiger000 United States
posted on December 1, 2015.

I do not know what happened with the grande vegas casino, I do not think if my account would be closed because all my documents valid and clear.

I get their email:

Dear Naaf,

We are contacting you from Grande Vegas Casino.

After reviewing the documentation submitted, your account did not pass
our internal security checks.

A decision has been made to close your account. This decision will not
be reversed.

As per our Terms and Conditions:

16. All cash-ins will be subject to audit before being processed.
Players must provide a copy of Reviews their proof of identity, address, copies
of credit cards and / or other Appropriate documentation when Withdrawing
credits. Proof of identity must match the registered name and surname.
If a player fails to provide this within 4 weeks of our request, his
account may be subject to lock out and winnings and / or cash-ins made,
voided. In cases of fraudulent documentation, the account will be locked and
all winnings and / or cash-ins will be voided.


In the event a new account under your name is created, it will Also be


Financial Services
[email protected]

previously I have read terms and conditions grande vegas casino, but they refuse to pay for the victory.

I hope askgamblers could help me.

thank you

posted on December 5, 2015.

Dear @Tiger000,

Are there any updates regarding your complaint? Thank you.

Tiger000 United States
posted on December 5, 2015.


I'm still yet to get a response from vegas grande
Has asgamblers thank you help me

posted on December 14, 2015.

AskGamblers Complaints Team has been provided with a detailed explanation and evidence on behalf Grande Vegas Casino management regarding this issue. Based on all the information we got, we can confirm that player failed passing the verification process which is a routine procedure applied after a withdrawal request is being initiated.

AskGamblers has zero tolerance against players trying to play unfair and acting in a manner which could be describe as fraudulent to say the least. That is why this complaint is being rejected and no further communication shall be provided and conducted on behalf AskGamblers Complaints Team towards the original poster.

The complaint is now officially closed.