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Energy Casino - Legitimate winnings of £7000 declined

Cgeth United Kingdom
posted on December 24, 2015.

I withdrew £7000 which has been declined as in the small print you can't bet over £10 until wagering requirements have been made.

No problem with this but surely they should make it so you physically can't until you have.

Secondly there is no way of you knowing how far into the wagering requirements you are?

On the attached pics which I took one shows bonus balance nil and available to withdraw. Surely when the wagering requirements are met this starts to go up as normal hence my betting.

I can't believe they are trying to take away my £7000.

They have not made the system fair and should honour my withdrawals totalling £7000.


posted on December 30, 2015.

Hi Cgeth,

EnergyCasino has made its final decision on this matter. The “winnings” were confiscated as a direct result of the player not following the rules of bonus money play. These rules are clearly outlined in our terms and conditions (see term 18. below). Upon the conduction of a manual checking of the player’s bet history on our receiving their withdrawal request, their bonus money play was found to be almost in its entirety in breach of these rules.

The breached term:
18. Before any withdrawals are processed, your play will be reviewed for any irregular playing patterns. The maximum bet (including additional features such as gamble and/or mini games) allowed cannot be greater than €10.00 (£10.00) until the wagering requirements have been met.

These are the rules that all players who choose to accept bonus money from us play under. Our system allows players to bet freely; there are restrictions on how bonus money can be played before wagering requirements have been met; and of course it is the player’s responsibility to control how much they bet on each round.

Even if the system shows that funds are withdraw-able, a final decision and approval is ALWAYS made manually, and with 87% of all bonus money play in this instance being in violation of our terms, the “winnings” are entirely illegitimate. Evidence of the betting history in this instance has been provided to both player and Ask Gamblers representatives.

EnergyCasino Team

posted on December 30, 2015.

Dear @Cgeth,
Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.

Cgeth United Kingdom
posted on December 30, 2015.


Like a previous complaint against you said, all games on casino sites are inherently irregular in the way they are played..., that's the hook?

Ok some points below :

1. Your saying the 'withdrawable balance' is not the actual withdrawable balance ? This in itself is misleading and unfair to criticise players for to think anything else other than that it's theirs. Other sites would say withdrawable amount = zero, bonus balance £7000?
It almost seems underhanded.

2. The very reason I bet larger was due to you misleading on the withdrawable balance which according to the screenshot from your site was 100% mine.

3. Your terms say you won't accept bets over £10 until wagering requirements are met, so coupled with the above statements with misleading a balance why did you accept my bets?

4. Your terms state that real money is allways deducted first and I put it to you that I won initially off my deposit money not your bonus money so again request my withdrawal should stand.

5. My balance was also made up of none bonus applied deposits.

I request that my withdrawal stands and your site changes the way it presents its balances and re-words its terms and conditions.

Players need absolute clarity and transparency when playing gaming sites such as yours, there's many out there that are just that but sadly energy doesn't appear to be.

Kind regards


posted on December 31, 2015.

Dear Energy casino team,

Can you please resend evidence regarding this case to suppor­[email protected]­skg­amb­ler­ Thank you in advance.

posted on January 1, 2016.

We have been provided with valid evidence on behalf of Energy Casino where it is clearly displayed that player breached the casino's general bonus terms and conditions, https:­//e­ner­gyc­asi­no.c­om­/en­/Pr­omo­tio­ns/­Ter­ms-­and­-co­ndi­tio­ns/­wel­com­e-bonus Term # 18

Based on all the above, we consider the actions applied in this case by Energy Casino as justified and in total compliance with their bonus policy and terms. We would like to remind player that further assistance on this case could be requested by the official regulatory body for Energy casino.