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Gala Casino - Ridiculous payment delays


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Gala Casino


£ 33500

Posted on May 11, 2019

I opened an account at Gala Casino earlier this year. I deposited £1.5k in March, no bonus. I played extensively in the Live Casino (mostly Blackjack and Roulette) and had some good wins, increasing my balance to about £50k.

I made a withdrawal of £4.5k on 02-April, and it was paid promptly.

I then requested a withdrawal of £8.5k on 03-April, and a further £25k on 04-April.

Both of these withdrawals are still pending after more than one month. I have supplied verification documents as requested, over three weeks ago now.

When I ask Gala Casino about these withdrawals by email or chat, the only response I have received is "we are looking into this and will contact you when we have more information". I do not consider these delays and lack-of-explanation acceptable.

I have attached a private screenshot showing mt balance and pending withdrawals.