Frustration with Club Player

posted on December 21, 2010.

I recently won $400 and a month ago I won $125. Not yet sent in my documents. I asked Live Support if I could turn in my documents now for both my winnings and they told me I could not because I used multiple free chips. Why do they give away free chips then? Why even publish them? They should eliminate the free chips and just use the 2nd chance chips?! I was thinking of depositing some money every week, you know just like lotto to me. But I guess I will stick with the lottery. It's too bad though I like their games and I did have a good time.

Does anyone else have these problems with the Club Player?

Thanks for reading... just disappointed and frustrated.


posted on December 21, 2010.

Hi Spacedit29,

I can see on your account that you have received over 10 Free chips with ZERO deposits. Players can take as many FREE chips as they want for entertainment purposes only. To redeem winnings you must make a deposit in-between FREE CHIPS.


Marty Davis

Club Player Representative

and Gambling Wages Affiliate Manager

[email protected]