Freaky Vegas Casino - Stalling payment

Kerri Williams Australia
posted on November 16, 2016.

ok... So i stumbled onto this casino and as usual swayed to register with Free Spins!! I registered, jumped on said game with nothing. Got onto live chat when was informed i would have to send some ID for verification before free spins were awarded... First time I ever had to do that but didn't mind!! If i ever won, it would just make the withdrawal process so much quicker so it was no dramas!! Sent thru what was required, got verified and free spins were rewarded!!! Played em thru pretty quick

About a week later I decide to make a deposit!! 6th Novemebr... Again, I got asked for verification and identification documents, i thought it was unusual being asked with deposit but again, i thought it could only be a good thing really and i sent them all thru again plus more and again, my documents and identification were verified and approved so i was able to deposit!!! and lo and behold i actually won so money!!! Sooooo exciting!!! I press withdrawal and off I go :) I got asked to send my photo id again, which I did so was just waiting for it to be approved and processed!!! I have all of the emails to back this up as well!! and my withdrawal was approved :) it just needed to be processed and it would be in bank within days!!! :))) yaaayyyyyy!!!

So a day passes, and i email whats goin on? to then be told that Mastercard do not accept withdrawals and that i would have to do it thru my bank accout.. So i cancel the initial withdrawal and re do one to deposit to my bank account!! Another 3 or so days pass , i write them an email asking whats going on to be then told that they cant process withdrawals to australian bank accounts!!!!! I still dont understand why i was told to withdraw that way when they couldnt do it!!! by this time I'm starting to get a little peeved at the runaround but i get told i need to deposit money from my netteler account to be able to withdraw that way, and it will be instant as well !! I have no money in my account so have to wait 2 days till i get paid so i then deposit into netteller, deposit into freaky vegas and restart the withdrawal process..

During this time, Elena is quite empathetic to my frustration and understanding.. I had to send some more netteler documents and she tells me that my withdrawal will be processed today (14th november) and as it's netteller it will be immediate and that she will process it personally for me :) Finally i thought... I had gotten a eviction notice the week before so the winnings couldnt have come at a better time!! I got a one week reprieve from my landlord until i could pay what i owed once my winnings were in my hands and for the past week i had been planning where my winning would go and pretty much has revolved my life around the help it was going to bring.. I mean, my documents had been approved and verified on at least 3 different occasions.... i was told the money would be instant into netteller, initially i was told to wait 5 days for my bank account withdrawl but at no stage did they ever let on anything different than that that money was going to be in my account immininently!!!!

Okay, here is where it gets a bit murky because both the casino and i are both at fault but the onus i believe is on them... so i'm waiting waiting for money to appear in netteler, next day again i send a email to be told that they cant approve the withdrawal because my drivers licence was expired!!!! what the?? I had lost my drivers licence speeding the couple of weeks before so when my licence expired on the 30th October 2016. It didn't affect me!!! and i was unawares!!! I read the terms and conditions when got told this, whoops my bad.. they need ID that wasn't expired!!! but then why approve and verify my documents on three seperate occassions and mess with my life???? omg i so badly want to write in caps lock right now

I get that i stuffed up uploading a days old expired drivers licence, but as i was unawares it was up to them to never verify them in the first place!!! For a full week i was making promises to creditors that now, has really stuffed me up!!! For a full week, i thought $1800 was going to be in my account every day when i woke up..I used my work pay on other things as was waiting for the money which had been approved . I have all the emails as i stated and since then i have sent them about 5 photo ID'S that i have, birth certificate and have said i can go to the police station and get them to verify it's me!!!! they told me to send them thru a new drivers licence but i've lost it for 6 months!!! I cant get another drivers licence!!! Passports take weeeks to come and how can they do this to me when they verified and approved my documents on three seperate occassions ???? Now they wont answer me... I cant wait weeks for this money and they never should have led me to believe $1800 was approved to be deposited to me... Its just cruel really

posted on November 21, 2016.

Dear @Sparklite78,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

posted on November 21, 2016.

Hi Sparklite,

Your payment has been processed a little earlier on today so you should see it any time now.

Please do accept our sincere apologies for this delay and inconvenience, we trust you understand that we also need to abide by the rules presented to us from compliance. With that in mind we will be taking the necessary steps in process to avoid any future similar instance.

Thanks again for your much appreciated co-operation, support and patience throughout.

Congratulations on your win!

Best Wishes!

Kerri Williams Australia
posted on November 21, 2016.

Thankyou Freaky vegas! You have restored my faith in online casinos :) I do understand that you need to put rules in place for our security , but it was just the timing that made me lose the plot a little bit. I think we both learned a little something from this experience ! and now I can afford to get a passport express sent to me so I have some current Id and I will have no problems depositing in your casino in the future when my new identification arrives that adheres to your rules and regulations. Thankyou again for doing the right thing in the end..

posted on November 21, 2016.

You're very welcome Kerri. :)

It was indeed the timing that was off, as we always had all the best of intentions that is to try and solve it and have the withdrawal processed as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for being so understanding.

Should you need anything else, please do feel free to contact us via email or live chat and we'll gladly assist.

Kind Regards,

Kerri Williams Australia
posted on November 23, 2016.

My case has been resolved. Thankyou again freaky vegas and ask gamblers! :D

posted on November 23, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.