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Flamantis Casino - Refused to credit me the bonus I received by email and refused to refund my deposit in time

moulayismail Morocco
Posted on November 14, 2016.

On 12/11/2016 at 6:46 in the morning, I received an email with a bonus offer of 115% with a code MG1111 (see screenshot attached to this complaint), the bonus was for microgaming slots only, then I connected to this fraudulent casino, I made a deposit of $ 23 with the code MG1111, to my surprise, I had not received any bonus, so I contacted the live chat which was very rude (transcription of the chat attached to this complaint), and I asked them to credit my bonus, the first response of this liar was that this offer expired on 11/11/2016, except I forwarded him the email and he read in the beginning of this email that the offer is valid until 18 / 11/2016 and read also that I received it on 12/11/2016, so to justify the refusal to credit me the bonus, it comes out another fake reason which is that the offer was only for new players who Haven't get the welcome bonus yet, so I asked him to show me where this condition is mentioned in the email, after all the discussion he still refuses to credit me the bonus, so I asked my right to refund my deposit, The reply was even more surprising when he told me to ask for a withdrawal and that the refund of my deposit will be done only after the verification of my account without knowing when this account will be verified, I played and I always play on 90% of the casinos owned by everymatrix NV, I have never had this kind of problem or issue, this casino does all their best and by all the ways to attract players to deposit their money, with plenty of attractive and fakes offers by emails, and once the victim bit into the hook, the scam begins, no bonus as promised by emails, and no deposit refund, is that this kind of scam is tolerated in 2016 by everymatrix NV, or By the concerned authorities, or by askgamblers to have this kind of casinos rated well on their website, by this complaint I ask this liar and scammer casino my legitime right to refund my deposit, and to stop sending me fakes emails and offers.

Copy of the chat transcripts :

Start Time: 11/12/2016 16:23:55
End Time: 11/12/2016 16:48:08
Agents: Mila

If you do not want to wait, please click here to leave us a message.
Agent Mila has joined the chat.
[16:23:55] Mila: Dear "my name", thank you for contacting us! How may I help you?
[16:23:59] "my name": hi
[16:24:21] "my name": I received an email offer of a deposit bonus of 115% with the code MG1111
[16:24:32] "my name": I made the deposit but I did not receive the bonus
[16:25:26] Mila: May I have your username please?
[16:25:43] "my name": moulayismail
[16:26:15] "my name": I have a screenshot of the email if you want me to send it to you here?
[16:26:29] Mila: Please allow me a few minutes to check this.
[16:26:33] "my name": ok
[16:30:21] Mila: Please be informed this bonus is available until 11/11/2016
[16:30:37] Mila: However you are available for this bonus:
[16:30:37] "my name": not it says valid until 18/11/2016
[16:30:39] Mila: Microgaming reload bonus: 66% up to 66 EUR/USD Bonus code: MG0811 Min. deposit: 10 EUR/USD Rollover 25x bonus and deposit amount Period: 08.11.2016 to 15.11.2016
The visitor has sent a file: email.JPG
[16:30:58] "my name": please check the screenshot
[16:31:10] "my name": the offer is valid until the 18/11/2016
[16:31:39] Mila: Yes, sorry it is until 18/11/2016 , but it is only for players who still didn't receive 1-st deposit bonus
[16:31:50] "my name": it's not mentioned
[16:32:02] "my name": and I have just receive it today at 6 am
[16:32:18] "my name": Hello, Until 18.11.2016 you can claim our new exclusive bonus, available for all Microgaming games! Microgaming casino bonus: 115% up to 115 EUR/GBP/USD Bonus code: MG1111 Min. deposit: 10 EUR/GBP/USD Rollover 25x bonus and deposit amount Promotion period: 11.11.2016 till 18.11.2016 The bonus is valid for all Microgaming slots Go ahead and have a great gaming experience with Flamantis Casino!
[16:32:23] Mila: At the moment you are available for our Reload bonus:
[16:32:23] Mila: Microgaming reload bonus: 66% up to 66 EUR/USD Bonus code: MG0811
[16:33:12] Mila: Unfortunately, you have already received our welcome casino bonus for your 1-st deposit.
[16:33:34] "my name": are you serious with that? I receive an offer of 115% I made the deposit with that code, and you say I can not get the bonus, can you please show me where it says that this offer is for new player ?
[16:34:24] Mila: Unfortunately there is no links to this promotion, however as we already informed you, this bonus available for players, who still didn't receive welcome casino bonus for 1-st deposit.
[16:34:53] "my name": ok please refund my deposit
[16:35:04] "my name": I want my deposit back
[16:35:09] Mila: As we just checked, you have received your welcome casino bonus at 11/03/2016
[16:35:27] "my name": no I recieve it on 12/11/2016 at 6 am
[16:36:01] "my name": 12/11/2016 06:46 that's the date and time in which I receive that email
[16:36:07] Mila: I mean not promotion, but when you have receive your 1-st deposit bonus.
[16:36:16] Mila: at 11/03/2016
[16:36:24] "my name": this offer is for microgaming slots only
[16:36:34] "my name": this can not be for the new players
[16:36:38] Mila: Yes, it is.
[16:36:52] Mila: For Microgaming slots.
[16:36:59] "my name": no, if you can not add my bonus, please refund my deposit now please
[16:37:06] Mila: You can make your withdrawal when you wish.
[16:37:39] "my name": I have to submit a complaint to askgamblers with this issues and the email as prove of what you did
The transcript will be sent to "< email removed >".
[16:38:02] Mila: This is your right.
[16:38:10] "my name": should I receive my deposit right now, when I make the withdraw
[16:38:20] "my name": because I did not touch the deposit
[16:38:34] Mila: You will receive it after your verification.
[16:39:56] "my name": but it's my deposit, and I want to deposit it in other casino to play today, what is this action?
[16:40:23] "my name": why I should wait for any verification if the deposit was not touch and I did not start playing
[16:40:52] "my name": you refuse to give me the bonus I received, so pay me back my deposit
[16:41:02] Mila: Please request the withdrawal.
[16:41:26] "my name": If I do, when I should receive that back that deposit
[16:41:41] Mila: In order to verify your account please provide the following documents: 1). Government-issued identification document (passport, ID card, etc.) 2). Recent utility bill with address on it (not older than 3 months). 3). The screenshot with deposit by Neteller. Please send them to email address: suppor­[email protected]­lam­ant­
[16:41:57] Mila: After your verification you will receive it directly.
[16:42:33] "my name": you mean if I send my documents right now, you will pay it today too?
[16:43:01] Mila: Sure, if your account will be verified today.
[16:43:59] "my name": ok, I send the document right now, with the review of this issue at your page at askgamblers with the complaints too, thank you
The transcript will be sent to "< email removed >".
[16:46:29] "my name": documents sent
[16:47:03] Mila: Is there something else I can do for you?
[16:47:29] "my name": I make that withdraw now, and Ask to get my deposit back please
[16:47:57] Mila: We will send your documents to our relevant department and we will inform you via-email when your account will be verified.
The visitor has left the chat.
The chat is ended. (16:48:09)

moulayismail Morocco
Posted on November 14, 2016.

I have received the refund of my deposit lately the same day, but never received the bonus, thank you askgamblers for your help, you can close this complaint.

Posted on November 14, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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