ExclusiveBet Casino - Refusing to pay winnings from no deposit bonus!

slv9ss65eyy Russia
posted on March 3, 2016.

played no deposit bonus at the casino exclusivebet, the account remains 200 euros, made a deposit, send a document for review, they have approved, to set the output money brought only my deposit else zeroed
They said that players from Russia are not eligible for a bonus, but you have a website there is no Russia in the ban

I recorded the following link http:/­/ww­w.l­ate­stc­asi­nob­onu­ses.co­m/o­nli­nec­asi­nob­onu­sfo­rum­/ex­clu­siv­e-n­o-d­epo­sit­-ca­sin­o-b­onu­ses­/ex­clu­siv­ebe­t-e­xcl­usi­ve-­fre­e-s­pins/ January 26, 2016,on the same day I played no deposit bonus

I asked in Live-chat:"I can withdraw money?",the operator told me: ""Yes, but you need to make a minimum deposit and send documents for review"
I have fulfilled all the conditions and documents approved
I put money on the conclusion waited
48 hours have passed, but the money has not brought
I turned to live chat again, there I was told that the money will withdraw within two hours
I waited 2-3 hours, login in my account, and the account was only my deposit of 10 euros
I turned again to the live chat, and only now told me that from the Russian players are not eligible to receive the bonus
you can help me solve this problem?

posted on March 8, 2016.

Dear @slv9ss65eyy,

Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.

slv9ss65eyy Russia
posted on March 8, 2016.

there is no new information