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Euro Palace Casino - Giving me the run around with account verification and payment

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Euro Palace Casino
Reason Verification issues
Amount € 3807
Posted on January 16, 2015

I will make this complaint with simple facts. I think Euro Palace will not deny these facts but I will submit more proof if they do. Here is my story.

1. I win 3,807 euro at Euro Palace slots
2. I try to cashout but they want me to verify myself
3. They ask for my ID (front and back) and for a document to prove my address (like bank or bill or something).
5. I give them what they ask. They accept them... BUT THEN... they say I am not really verified still. They want more.
6. I am upset and I ask them why they did not ask me for everything the first time. I felt like they just wanted to hold onto my money and was angry. They asked me to verify... I give them everything they ask... then they did not keep their word and verify me.
7. They say to verify me they need to do a phone call.
8. They call me with no warning and my gf is next to me who will kill me if she knows I am playing slots online so I just hang up on them. That really made me angry.
9. Later I agree they can call me because it is so much money and I feel like I have no choice.
10. They call me, ask me some questions about my name, what I do at their casino, and some basic thing to check if I am myself. I answer all their questions. Then they say I am 100% verify and they will send me the money soon.
11. The money never comes. I send some emails and then they never pay still and I wait through the holiday because I am away and so busy. Now the holidays are finished and I do live chat to ask where my money is.
12. They tell me I am not verified and my account is lock because they need to do a phone call!
13. I tell them I already did a phone call and they say no I didn't do one with security only 1 call. That made me very angry. I DID do one with security and another very short one where I hang up because my girlfriend is with me. 2 phone calls! And the last phone call they promise I will have my money and say my account is good!
14. The live chat tell me there is no record of a security phone call... only the 1st call. They say they need to do MORE phone call!!!
15. I keep telling them to check because 100% I do this phone call and I have their number calling me on my phone to show. Live chat just keeps telling me it is my mistake and they are perfect and 100% I need to do more verification or they will not pay me.
16. I tell her no. Enough is enough. Not 1 time but 2 times I verify. First time is fair, second time was STILL not fair because they lie to me about the 1st time and never verify me after I give them EVERYTHING they ask. Then after doing EVERYTHING they want a second time... they still do not verify or pay me they just say I am wrong and they never called me and they have no record of it.
17. I will not be a fool 3 times and just keep playing this game with them. I feel this is ALREADY a scam even if they do pay me now because they lied to me about the 1st verification and made me do a phone call instead of just verify. Now they lie and say the phone call never happened when it did and I can prove it with a screen shot of my phone if they still want to lie here and say it never happened.
18. Enough is enough! Please Ask Gambler help me get my money and after they pay please lower the 8.5 rating you give them. They have lied about the verification process 2 times to me and refuse to pay me.
19. I will not do any more verification with them. I have done enough. I will open as many complaint as I can and if they do not pay here I send everything to their gaming commission and I try to find other people who have been scam like this. This is not fair at all.
20. Thank you for reading this long message everyone.

Posted on January 10, 2015

Dear @juliansh1,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

Posted on January 12, 2015

Now they have unlock my account but I try to cashout again and wait to see if they give me the money.

Posted on January 12, 2015

Wait... they say they unlock my account... but then I just check and still lock. And they send me a player account # that is not mine. I do not understand what they are doing. They say "Thank you for choosing to play with Euro Palace. We've got some
great news for you: Your Gaming Account f************* has been
unlocked. " but this is not my account number.

Posted on January 12, 2015

^^^ can delete that comment. I don't know what happen or if they change my casino number but everything work now and I wait for my money. They say I will have it soon.

Posted on January 15, 2015

Did you received your funds?

Posted on January 16, 2015

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.

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