Euro Palace Casino - Throwing false accusations

posted on September 1, 2016.

On August 31 2016 i received an offer by mail from Euro Palace Casino. The offer was 120% deposit match. I went to the store and purchased a virtual pre-paid MasterCard in the amount of $200. I always use this type of payment method as i have no other option. I had to fight with online chat support to honer the offer. I deposited $100 , that gave me a total of $220 to play. I started to play the slots. As usual not much winning so i decided to try the game Fortune Lounge. Going into the game i had about $260. It took me down to $70 before i received a bonus. After the bonus was complete my amount was back to approximately $224. I did one spin and noticed $100 was missing from my amount. I immediately went to chat support. I explained what happened and was told this.

You are being connected with our support team. Thank you for your patience.
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Mason: Thank you for contacting the Customer Support Desk, My name is Mason and how may i assist you today?
steven: i am missing money from my account
steven: i was playing. got a bonus. won 162 on bonus to bring me over 220.00 did a spin and i am now showing 124
Mason: One moment please, while i check on that for you.
Mason: I'll gladly look into this for you. Please allow me a moment to review the account and I will be right with you.
steven: where did my money go
Mason: Sorry for the delay. I am still reviewing the account for and i want to make sure that i give you the correct information. I wont be much longer, but i really appreciate your patience. :)
steven: ok
Mason: thank you for holding for me and kindly note we are requerting that you send us the session id and transaction number of when you had certain funds on your account to when you noticed the funds are missing by kindly following these simple steps and forward the email to mailer­[email protected]­asi­nod­
Mason: *Click on My Account
Mason: * Under "My Account Details" click on "View my game history"
Mason: * Select the appropriate time period next to "Show My Login Sessions from".
Mason: * Click on View next to first transaction.
Mason: * Click on "Show Detailed Statement" on the right.
Mason: * View all transactions from that point forward.
steven: i am looking at game history. 2 spins ago i had a win of 162.00. How that equals 124.00 with 1.80 bet is beyond me. Cant you see my game history?
Mason: kindly send us the session id and transaction nyumber to have a look at that for you sir
steven: Session ID 123962987
steven: Transactions 4400, 4401, 4403, 4404 it is missing a 4405
steven: sorry missing 4402
steven: all numbers are showing in a row but there is no 4402
Mason: One moment please, while i check on that for you.
Mason: I'll gladly look into this for you. Please allow me a moment to review the account and I will be right with you.
steven: ok take your time
Mason: I will be right with you.
Mason: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
steven: ok
Mason: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
steven: ok
Mason: thank you for holding for me and kindly note
Mason: What has now occurred is that you or your method disputed that you had never made these transaction with us and then reversed the funds back into your financial account.
Mason: Unfortunately this is against the Casino Terms and Conditions and this money is now owing to us as it was originally deposited here at Euro Palace Casino. I have contacted the player Security team and they have advised that the amount of 679.15 is still owing to the Casino.
Mason: Kindly inform us as to when you would like to settle the outstanding amount and we can have this organized to be completed so that the account can be returned to good standing order.
Mason: Please contact us again, should you have any further queries.
steven: what are you talking about?
steven: i made one transaction and that was this evening. I have not played this casino in months and months and months and made one deposit of 100.00
steven: and it was paid with a prepaid credit card that cannot be reversed
Mason: Steven please note that we have been informed by the casino player security that you owe the casino funds for reversals that were done. This means that deposits were made to the casino and then disputed by your bank and refunded to you. This left an outstanding amount on your account owd to us. As you deposited to your account the casino player security have deducted $100 from your cash balance
Mason: At the moment you still owe the casino an amount of $679.15 which you would need to reconcile with the casino
Mason: Due to inactivity, I will, unfortunately, have to end the chat. If you require any further help, please contact us again.
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

I was being accused of making a deposit's then withdrawing it. There are a number of things wrong with accusation. First it's a pre-paid credit card. Meaning money cannot be put back on the card. Second i had bonus money making it impossible to withdraw anything. I decided to call Euro Palace Casino. The same exact story was given to me. Apparently i still owed them close to $700 in fee's because they claimed i made a deposit's then withdrew it. Over and over furiously i told them i did not make deposit's then withdrew it. They wanted bank statements as proof. How in the F can i provide bank statements when i used a pre-paid credit card ? My bank account has never been and never will be linked to a casino because i won't allow it and my bank won't allow it. I do not and never have owned a credit card. WTF is going on here ? I can provide proof of the pre-paid MasterCard i used and a statement showing the payment to Euro Palace Casino. Not only did this ruin my night and shaken my trust with the Euro Palace umbrella of casino's but to be accused of such actions is slander at the least ! I am discussed and accuse THEM of fraud ! I will not post the pre-paid MasterCard and payment statement used for obvious reasons here but will provide it to the appropriate personnel upon request. In the end when i'm proven right what am i going to get as compensation besides a sorry ? Legal action may be in order.

posted on September 2, 2016.

September 2 2016 i received an e-mail from Euro Palace Casino. They apologized and have returned my confiscated amount of money. Unfortunately the damage has already been done. What was to be a fun night of fun play turned into a nightmare. I would like to thank ASK GAMBLERS , Justine the CSR who took my complaint and reassured me she would look into it and Kaylee from the Euro Palace disputes department.
Thank You All !

Hi Steven
Kaylee here from disputes department
Thank you for contacting us and apologies for the inconvenience caused
We have since corrected our systems and refunded the 100.00 CAD to your casino account
There are no chargeback reversals on any of your casino accounts

Best regards
Dispute officer

posted on September 3, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.