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Errors prevent Casino Action from paying winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Casino Action
Reason Software glitch
Posted on May 16, 2014

Within a month (March) I played on the above mentioned Casino a large sum of money.

I tried several games but mostly played a poker game called Level - up. After a few games, on March the 10th, the game would stall on 3rd or 4th level and close on an error.....i did not pay attention at the beginning until the game stalled on a couple of good hands (on the 4X scale) and a MAJOR one on the 8X scale (A Royal Flush).

I informed the Desk and they answered me that "... they know the issue and they have reported to the Technical Department..." (All the emails are available).

When I claimed the winnings they told me that I had to print-screen the error in terms of reporting it to the software provider who would be finally responsible for the final answer. After I told them that I did not have a print screen of the error they informed me that there was nothing they could do.

As you realize the issue for me was very important and I decided to play again (on the 31st of March) see if the errors would appear again !! I was lucky enough to reproduce them and I had all the print-screens sent to them. Again that costed me except the amount I played, another good sum for losing good hands.

From the 31/3/2011 that I reported the errors since today I have the same answer to all my emails " ....we have no answer from the software provider so far ....we are waiting ....and ....blablabla ..."

I have concluded that they are not willing to pay or reinburse !!!!

I would be much obliged if you could help ...

Thank you in advance

PS All email and screenshots are available at your request !!

Posted on May 3, 2011

Thanks for posting my complaint …here is a sample screenshot of the eminent error !!

The same error occured several times and on different dates ..


I would expect an answer from the Casino and the software provider …

Thank you again

Posted on May 4, 2011

Without an account number I am unable to look into this issue.

It should also be noted that it can sometimes take up to a month for the software provider to get back to us. That part is out of our hands. We can only wait for them to get back to us.

As a side note, the T&Cs of Casino Action state that:

iv.In the event of a Casino system malfunction all wagers are void.

This term can be found under 10. Interruptions in play


Posted on May 5, 2011

My Account No is CAVR0011683276.

Although the case is being going on for two months, Customer Support was not aware of the issue ...that is surprising !

1. The issue was first denoted to Casino on March the 11th and here is the abstract of the communication we had ...

From: [email protected]­asi­nor­ewa­rds.com [mailt­o:g­ael­@ca­sin­ore­war­ds.com]

Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 12:05 AM

To: gianno­s.o­iko­nom­[email protected]­gma­il.com

Subject: RE: RE: RE: From Gael at Casino

Thank you very much for your e-mail Ioannis, even if it is to announce bad news. This is a real issue and have informed our tecnicians about that. However, they need to know if you have any sort of error message or else appearing on your screen.

Please let me know.



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----- Original Message -----

From:g­ian­nos.oi­kon­omo­[email protected]­mai­l.com

To:gae­[email protected]­asi­nor­ewa­rds.com

Sent: 11/03/2011 5:54:23 PM

Dear Gael,

thank you for your bonus !!

Please note something I have noticed after I played a few games on your casino.

One of my favorite games Is progressive Poker which I have played several times….It is very annoying that program hangs on the third or fourth level and it closes by itself. As you realize these levels pay X4 and X8 times and it is very important that you …strike on these levels.

Yesterday I lost major hands (one of them Royal, others twice for of a kind etc (on the max scale !!)) because the game hang ….the same problems applied with other games but the major problem is with Progressive Poker…

It is a pity because I have played and keep on playing a considerable amount of money and someone expects better service …

Please inform on the issue !!!

Thank you In advance.


2. On March 31st I sent a copy of screenshots with an unknown error (513) which kept on appearing everytime I had a good winning hand. The system did not hang completely ...but I was thrown out of the game !!!

3. I see that you mention a term that is part of the Agreement that the player "reads and accepts" before playing. That really means that even if Casino is aware of problems and issues with software they just wont mind and keep on operating having players losing their money and exposing them to a nonjustifiable risk ?????

And were does "fair and just" applies here which is actually the way you want to market out your Casino ???

4. The errors do not appear in all games since I have played quite a few of them. It appears only in the specififc set of programs (Level Up). And it did not appear on one day and once only. I have screenshots at different dates and times. SO it could not just happen !!

5. Software provider might have taken a while to answer but I would be glad to hear even now their standing on the issue which is a major and should have already been treated that way !

Awaiting for your response.

Posted on May 8, 2011

When you sent the screenshots did the support reply with an incident number or something similar? This will help me track it down with the tech guys.

Could you please send me to email you sent to support that contained the screenshots too - this will help if they did not give you an incident number: [email protected]­Rew­ard­sAf­fil­iat­es.com

Regarding your question - although immense testing happens before any games are released, it's impossible for testers to find everything that can go wrong, so we can only rely on you.

If the error was in your favour, i.e. doing something that caused you to get a higher winnings than you should, you may not tell support and continue to abuse the error. This is why we have this rule - to rule out ALL incidents. Once we are notified of the error we are able to get back to the software company to have it fixed ASAP.

It should also be noted that all results can be found in your playcheck. So if the bet went through and you won, it will be reflected in your playcheck.

I will await your email.


Posted on May 8, 2011

Hi again

After looking at your account number I have spoken with the tech guys who have told me there was a fix and they are waiting on deployment. I'm currently waiting on a deployment date and I will update once I receive it.

Posted on May 9, 2011

Well, Customer Support was not very helpful with this issue....and of course they DID NOT give me an Incident number or anything similar !! Although I have exchanged at least 30-40 emails…

Now …sure I can send you the screenshots … and of course I checked with Playcheck to see if the specific game was there !! but, funny thing, wasn’t.

So, I started wondering about Playcheck and I thought that it would be easy to trail down with Playcheck the transaction that I had screenshots of ! For the specific game I have 3 screeenshots : one when the program stalled, the second that shows main menu with the error after the game was aborted and the third one is after I got back into the game. I also took a screenshot of the Playcheck log of the game and the detailed session. What I have discovered is :

1. Although I was out of the game for more than two minutes, Playcheck shows that there was a session after 6 seconds and another one after 2 seconds and …goes on. How would it be possible when timestamping on the screenshots shows that I was …away for 2 whole minutes ???

2. After the error and the straight Flush on the X2 scale, system picked to hold 2 and 5 …how would that lead to a win ??? it did it randomly ??? chances were taken away form me !!!

On your post you mention that there was a fix !!! Customer Support kept on telling me that there was nothing there….although I believed that there a bug and not a simple display error. What bothers me the most though is that I can not rely on Playcheck !!

I am sending you all the screenshots plus the one that I send to Support …here is the email !!

----- Original Message -----

From: [email protected]­asi­nor­ewa­rds.com:

To: gianno­s.o­iko­nom­[email protected]­gma­il.com

Sent: 31/03/2011 3:55:17 PM

Good morning Ioannis,

Thank you very much for having sent to me the screen shots with the error messages.

We have tried to replicate the error. I played exactly the same game, same amount but I received no error message. So we have logged a job with our Service provider Microgaming.

I will let you know as soon as I receive a reply from them.

Kind regards.


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----- Original Message -----

From:g­ian­nos.oi­kon­omo­[email protected]­mai­l.com

To:gae­[email protected]­asi­nor­ewa­rds.com

Sent: 31/03/2011 3:39:17 AM

Dear Gael,

I am coming back on the issue we have pending …

I was stubborn enough to get involved again in terms of proving I was right about the errors that appeared on screen, aborted the game and missed all winnings !!

This afternoon I played for two hours and in these two hours the attached error appeared each time that I had a good winning hand !!!! Pls check out the Straight Flush !!

With this evidence I think it is more that obvious that there is STILL a bug on the program which I stated and I you did not pay attention …

Please evaluate the data and, this time I expect the consideration and the manner I deserve !!

Awaiting for your response !!!!!

Ioannis Oikonomou

Posted on May 9, 2011

Thanks for your email.

Our tech guy is having a phone call with MGS tonight and I will then have more info.

Posted on May 10, 2011

I hope that details hepled you to figure out the problem ...

I am awating for your response !

Posted on May 12, 2011

Thanks again for your patience.

I received notice that the game has been removed from the casinos until the fix is pushed out towards the end of the month.

I've also been asked to direct any further enquiries regarding this issue to your VIP host, Gael, as he will be able to help with the rest.


Posted on May 12, 2011

Thanks for the email ...

It is good that game was finally withdrawn and the bug will be fixed before it is given back to the Casino and the players.

I ll be waiting for Gael to contact me ..

Posted on May 13, 2011

Here is the answer I got from Gael this morning :

Good morning Ioannis,

Thank you very much for your e-mail. I want to assure you that I am not personally ignoring your e-mail at all. As you may know your request has been escalated further, to many people, and I am awaiting for answers myself in regards to your query.

I will keep chasing any update in regards to this matter and will keep you informed about it as soon as I can Ioannis.

Best regards.


I am awaiting for the "update" ....

Posted on May 19, 2011

I've been told by the VIP Manager that she has followed up with the audit of your account today. She will be in touch once she has received it from Microgaming.

Posted on May 19, 2011

The VIP Manager has sent an email.


Posted on May 23, 2011

Regarding the email that I received from the Casinos VIP Manager, I have replied and posted my remarks ...

Awaiting for your response ...

Posted on May 27, 2011

Still waiting for an answer on the points I raised ....

Posted on May 30, 2011

It seems that this is not getting anywhere ...

I have assigned the case to my attorney ...

I will give full details of what has happened so far with the issue on Wednesday !

Posted on May 31, 2011

The VIP Manager has been in ongoing contact directly with the player.

After the audit of the account proved there was no royal flush and the fix has now been pushed live, player requested for the issue to be re-escalated which is what was done and it is still in pending. The player has been informed of this.

Since I have been in Dublin on an affiliate conference without access to internet I have been unable to post a response here. Since the VIP Manager has been in contact directly with this player, it was not necessary for me to post anyway since the player already knows what is happening - there is no need for duplication. I beileve that the player is just being impatient with threats to send to his attourney.

It should also be noted that I have received this same complaint 4 times from different websites. It seems that if the player doesn't get the answer they want they decide to direct their complaint through a new avenue.

Since the VIP Manager is taking care of this, and all the issues that have been initially raised have been resolved, I am marking this issue as resolved in my book. I will not be replying here again. The casino has gone to great lengths to satisfy this player and is re-escalating the issue at the players request. They have done everything asked and given all the information to the player without the player's satisfaction.

Any reader of this complaint will have to make up their own mind.

Posted on May 31, 2011

After 3 months of back and forth, the conclusion is that it is now my fault and my "impatience" that has been the problem here ....

Although Casino has chosen not to post here anymore and has marked the issue as resolved (!!!), please excuse me, but I will !!

1. The audit showed that there was no Royal Flush ... What audit ??? There were only a couple of transactions in the file most of them on a diffferent date than the one I played !!

2. I have told you that log files cannot prove whether I had a Royal or not ...the game hang and the hand was changed when I got back in !!!

But even then ... Why all the Log files were deleted from the server the next of the audit day ??? Nobody has answered me on this too !!

3. I am not threatening anybody ...you feel that way ...and since I have no issue as you claim there is nothing to worry about !

4. What issues were resolved ??? You probably mean that the fix for the game has been pushed and now it is working fine ...Well it did not work fine when I played and lost bets and winnings.

5. What I do not understand really is that you claim that "...everything was done to the customers satisfaction...". I would like you to be more elaborative on that ... I am the one that came out losing out of this ....not you !! where exaclty is satisfaction lying here ??? on your side maybe ...

6. The VIP manager is online with me as you state ....well, I am the one that sends mail once in a while ...and the answer I get is always "waiting for ....not yet...I will check again .." and trully I have nothing against the specific person ...he acts as he is been told !

Finally, I will not post here anymore too ...what is the meaning of it ??? I believe that readers can understand what they were always afraid of ....that maybe rules and game in general are not that fair as proposed and offered !

But I am also prepared and have decided to prove my right on "another avenue" ..

Posted on June 2, 2011

The casino has not said it is the player's fault. However even though the player has been told that there can be time to wait for things requested, if it is not sent within a few days I personally receive an email from another website with the same complaint (eg casinomeister etc), or the host receives a nasty email saying the player does not care about procedures and waiting times.

The full audit has been sent to the AskGamblers support team as requested to close this issue.


Posted on June 3, 2011

I posted the complaint to another two sites on the same day!!! And I did it two months (!!!) after the incident (28/4/2011) ….Why ?? Because I RESPECTED the time that was needed and before I posted anywhere else I had contacted ECOGRA who asked me also to wait until they could mediate. And here is the email :

----- Original Message -----

From:g­ian­nos.oi­kon­omo­[email protected]­mai­l.com

To:gae­[email protected]­asi­nor­ewa­rds.com

Sent: 28/04/2011 5:39:55 AM

Hello Gael,

As of tomorrow I will cease on the silence that I have promised to you and ECOGRA who were supposed to intervene in terms of finding a solution.

I have advised my lawyer and he will file a legal complaint.

Besides, I was advised to communicate the matter with the eminent sites that deal with Casino cases and fully expose the issue.

I am sorry for the turn of the matters and really disappointed with the whole thing !



The issue cannot be closed and will not !! And keeping this attitude I would not think that can better things …

If it is not my fault then it must be yours!! This a simple two- party issue (meaning that I have nothing to do with MGS).

I would consider the issue closed if you answer to the questions below and post the answers in this forum though. And I expect that it is to the Forums and its readers interest to be informed on these.

1. Why were the records (logs) from FIlecheck deleted so I cannot have access to them ? Instead they were sent to me ..

2. Why was I not informed before playing the game since you knew that there was a bug (I have posted your email that proves you knew about it).

3. Each time the game hang, all hands that remained were outplayed by the server while this game does not have “EXPERT MODE”. And it is the only game that does not !!! Why ? And guess what …server kept all these cards ensuring that I would not win the game (I have the screenshots for that and I have sent them). Who can inform me on how much money I lost due to the …server’s choices????

4. Why the game, after the bug was detected, was ONLY withdrawn from your Casino and not from all the MGS supported ones ? (I have email from other Casinos that they claimed they did not know anything about a bug)

5. Why the log files are in a complete almost sequence in a timely manner even at instances that cannot be explained ?? I have screenshots of the game proving that I was stalled for over two minutes with the error until I logged back in, and the logs show that I played a new game 3 seconds (!!!!!) after the error. And I am talking about relative time and NOT real time !!!

6. What was error “511” by the way ??? Software errors can produce abnormal writes on the database and that is known and understood by everybody !!! If error “511” and its consequences were such as to alleviate the outcome, why should we bother with log files ?? The log files are produced by the software and if the software produces errors then the database is VOID and cannot prove anything. If a program is designed to subtract two numbers and it adds them up instead, the number that will be written to the database is the sum and not the difference !!!!!!

7. In what manner was I satisfied over the issue and the fault of the game??? I was not reimbursed or paid the winnings…moreover I lost several thousand euro playing the specific game. Not being satisfied over the issued means that I lie about the whole thing and insinuates that I have raised a non existent issue. Was there an issue ?? Was I Involved ?? What was the impact of this issue on me ??

8. Last but not least, you have claimed that in Terms and Conditions is, indeed, mentioned that all bets are void during software errors. Why then bother with my case ??? you should have told me that since there was an error there will be nothing you could do …and that’s it …You know sometimes an individual can be informed on possible predicaments that could occur to him …that does not mean that these will happen !!! When you park your car in a parking lot, there is signs notifying you that they have no responsibility upon a possible loss or steal of your belongings left in the car…But that does not mean that when you return you will find your window smashed and your belongings stolen !

I am awaiting for your response …


Posted on June 6, 2011

Waiting ....

Posted on June 14, 2011

I have not received any answers as yet ...

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