Energy Casino - Denying to pay my winnings

posted on December 29, 2014.

i signed up at energy casino, made my 1st deposit and received the welcome bonus.After playing several video slots i won 5320 and asked my withdr­awa­l.U­nfo­rtu­nately the casino denied to pay my winnings even though i sent them all the appropriate documentation i have been asked for on time with the excuse that i violated some of their terms without even providing any evidence or proof where i did and saying also that my account might have been opened by a 3rd party which is also impossible and unthinkable to happen.i sent them everything they asked me ( my ID,My Bank Statement, my passport both scanned and photos) but they were continuously trying to find a step and a way to confiscate my winnings.They asked me for a screenshot of the internet banking which i have not ever used and they even asked me for the receipt (proof of purchase) from the of the paysafe card i used to make my deposit.I provided them with a screenshot of my paysafe transaction history but even though they stated that all my documents were accepted they closed my account and they never paid.I am looking forward for your answer.

posted on December 31, 2014.

Dear AskGamblers and Agnestar01,

User registered with on 3rd December 2014. When customer submitted withdrawal standard checks according to KYC procedure were made. After comparing IP logs linked account with the same last name was found. Further checks revealed that both accounts are also linked via username pattern and e-mail domain.
Based on that, apart from regular KYC checks, decision to perform phone verification was made to confirm user’s identity. However, after several attempts phone number turned out not available at the time. Therefore, customer was contacted via e-mail to provide current number and informed that this way verification process will be carried on. The same number as registered was sent by user and finally answered by women who was really surprised by our call. She sounded like she never heard about when we presented ourselves. Then she was asked if her identity and details of her account can be confirmed.

The first question was about her date of birth and user did not even respond for about 30 seconds and then incorrect answer was given. Then she hang up so call could not be continued. We would like to point out that phone call was held in her native language.
It’s plain to see that during the call basic details were not confirmed. Later the same day a man contacted support department calling us on behalf of this women. Conversation was held in English this time. No information about this case was provided to him as they cannot be shared with 3rd party. When he handed over receiver to her it turned out that she does not speak English at all. However, during registration English was chosen as site language on her account.
Based on phone conversation we have reasonable grounds to believe that account was registered by 3rd party using someone else’s details. Further to the complain above we would like to point out that following terms and conditions of our service were breached in particular:

4a. (i) The customer’s identity. The CLIENT warrants to, provide true, accurate, current and complete information regarding identity during the registration process. Any false information or impersonation of any person or entity, misrepresentation regarding any affiliation with another person, entity or association, use of false headers or other acts or omissions to conceal one’s identity from PROBE for any purpose will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law. A CLIENT accessing PROBE services may be asked to provide valid subsisting verification of identity and relevant information.

4d. In the event that PROBE has reason to believe that the information given is inaccurate, We are entitled to suspend or terminate User’s account and retain any winnings.

4g. A CLIENT must register personally and not on behalf of someone else.

posted on January 3, 2015.

To begin with i inform you that i registered my account personally and not someone else,all the documents and the details i sent are also proving my identity and i sent the documents as fast as i was able. My e-mail is google mail which i think is the most popular domain. You did not also mentioned that during your call the connection was really poor and i couldn't even hear what you were asking. i know that my english are bad but that is not a reason not to play at your casino and to deny to pay my winnings.i tried to call you back at your support number so as to complete the verification but you denied to provide any help.Moreover i do not think is everyone who does not know his date of birth and that proves that the signal was bad.why you did not called back with the Hungarian agent?Your problem is that you do not want to pay and not my bad english.i didn't violated any of the terms and i didn't gave you any false information regarding my identity as you mention.i gave you everything i was asked,my identity bank statement,my passport,my paysafe wallet both scanned and photos so it is impossible not to be able to confirm my identity.

posted on January 5, 2015.

Starting phone verification we first confirmed if person can hear us clearly, however she hang up after giving us incorrect answer to question about her date of birth, though she assured all is fine moment before. There were no connection issues during the call.
Please note that user never contacted us via phone personally, behalf on her a man was calling to our support department. It’s interesting that English as site language was selected during registration whilst she does not speak this language and her mother tongue is offered among available options. Also everything indicates that documents were sent to us by 3rd party (linked user mentioned in our previous response) as communication was held in English.
Both accounts are strongly linked as it’s been pointed out previously. The same internet provider and pool of IP addresses were used to register and log on.
We did provide all information to her and performing phone verification several times tried to reach her, however user was not answering. We definitely cannot agree that full assistance was not given.
Also to proof all the facts we’re sending to a screenshots of both account details, IP logs and deposit history which are available for their inspection but cannot be shared with others to protect personal data.

posted on January 16, 2015.

Upon information that we get from the casino we can't conclude that this player didn't provide his/hers personal details correctly or that his/her's account is linked with another account. We consider this complaint unresolved. We recommend to the player to seek further help with LGA Malta or UK Gambling Commission.