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888 Casino - Delayed withdrawal, bad customer service and issues regarding deposit limits

leenam United Kingdom
posted on February 24, 2016.

I won a considerably large amount around £7000 and completed two different withdrawals (£4000 and £3000). After this I attempted to set myself a deposit limit in several occasions through my laptop, phone and computer. However the site never loaded (however it worked fine when I tried to deposit money). I ended up spending £3000 of my winnings and deposited further payments. I then decided to contact the customer service as I felt that I needed the deposit limit to be set but I was unable to do so depite my efforts.

As i raised my concerns, 888casino temporarily closed my account.

My first withdrawal had been partly processed however as the account was closed, I no longer received the rest of the money that was due. I enquired about this and was told that it will be processed according to their policy. After 2 days I received an email that they have permanently closed my accounts with their sites (not all of them as i was able to use one of their site I had an account with, and deposited £150 regarldess of their "self-exlusion") and that i am not allowed to open an account with any of their sites in the future. The email was rude and sounded rather accusive. Not at any point was I taken seriopusly about the issues that occured when I was trying to set myself a deposit limit. No investigation was done whatsoever. I do not believe that this was coincidence as all the other sites worked perfectly fine, neither do I beleve that this doesn't happen to their other customers!

After two days, I received a response in which I was told I would have to contact the operations department in order to "complete the necessary process" in regards to my withdrawals.

I have emailed them twice within the past 2 days (going onto third) and i have received no response in regards to where my money is and what has happened to it. It has now been 9 working days (888casino promises 8 working days max.) since I withdrew the money and I have only received part of it.

I never asked them to close my account, especially if it affected my withdrawals.

I am yet to receive any reponse from 888casino in regards to the withdrawal process.

This is causing me distress and financial hardship and I am expecting this to be resolved for the earliest convenience. Not at any point did 888casino promote responsible and fair cambling.

posted on February 29, 2016.

Dear @leenam,

Any news regarding your complaint? Thank you.

posted on March 1, 2016.

Hi @leenam,
Can you please update?
888casino team.

posted on March 4, 2016.

Dear @leenam,

It is a nice practice to confirm whether your complaint has been resolved or not. Please be informed that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved and closed. Thank you.