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Club Player Casino - Delayed Payouts

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Club Player Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Posted on July 7, 2014

I have several pending payouts from this casino as well as one from each of their partner casinos cool cat and prism. I have not been paid for withdraws beginning 4/10/2014. They do not respond to my emails. Can you help?

Posted on May 22, 2014

Hi one4kim,

I will be happy to assist you with this issue. Would you please be so kind as to provide me with your casino IDs so I can look into it?



Posted on May 23, 2014

Submitter sent her user information by an email, and Askgamblers send them to the Casino.

Posted on May 27, 2014

Hi one4kim,

Please let me know if you received my email.


Posted on May 29, 2014

Hi one4kim,

Thanks for passing your user id to the folks at Ask Gamblers. I've looked into this and your withdrawal has been approved and the payment is in processing. You should be receiving the payment, next week.

All the best,


Posted on May 29, 2014

Dear @one4kim, please confirm did you received your funds? Can we close this complaint? Thank you.

Posted on June 2, 2014

Thank you for looking in to this complaint for me. I did see that they finally have processed my withdraws but there is still an issue of them getting my checks to me. I finally received a check on May 27, 2014 for a withdraw requested on April 10, 2014, processed on may 9, 2014. My first check from them took 6 weeks and the second check took them even longer. None of the processed withdraws have been sent and I am hoping to not have to wait another 3 weeks to receive them. Also their "partner" casinos Prism casino and Cool Cat Casino are continuing to deny a withdraw from each of the casinos. They have requested a copy of a credit card I used after these withdraws were requested. I have sent them 4 different copies of said credit card and they continue to say it is not legible. I am losing my patience with this nonsense. Cool Cat casino original withdraw request was May 3, 2014 and Prism was May 14, 2014. You have no idea how much I appreciate your help dealing with this mess. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Posted on June 2, 2014

I forgot to mention one other thing. Club Player took a "processing" fee from my first withdraw. I looked on their website and could not find any information or disclosure on this processing fee. They did not take a fee from my second check. Thank-you.

Posted on June 3, 2014

I just checked my account for Club Player, they have not processed all withdraws and for some reason they cancelled the last one so I withdrew it again. Here's the history.

Posted on June 6, 2014

Dear @one4kim,
Please confirm did you received your funds?

Posted on June 7, 2014

I have only received 1/3 of the payout amount owed.

Posted on June 7, 2014

Hi Kim,

I'm so sorry, but because there is a bit of confusion in the information I received from finance regarding your account. I need to speak with them before I post anything, as I don't want to give any misinformation. I promise you I'm on this and will get back to you first thing, Monday.

All the best,


Posted on June 9, 2014

Dear @Tawni,

Any update considering this case? Thank you.

Posted on June 11, 2014

Hi Kim,

This has been extremely complicated to sort out and I'm going to do my best to explain things methodically and clearly.

First, regarding Cool Cat: There are no pending withdrawals or recently approved withdrawals for your account.

With Prism: Your withdrawal was approved June 5th. Your request for withdrawal had been denied multiple times due to missing/incomplete documents. He had messaged you several times regarding this.

Club Player is where things become incredibly difficult. You mixed deposits and coupons, requesting withdrawals, cancelling withdrawals, combining new requests It's all very tangled and convoluted.

Here's the recap:

Withdrawal 1 $ 1,900 requested 04-28
Consists of 3 earlier requested and cancelled withdrawals
04-22 Withdrawal $ 100 originating from deposit $ 150 COUPON $ 525
04-19 Withdrawal $ 500 originating from deposit $ 150 COUPON $ 525
04-15 Withdrawal $ 1.000 originating from deposit $ 300 COUPON $ 1.050

Withdrawal 2 $ 2,060 requested 04-28
Consists of 1 earlier requested and cancelled withdrawal of $ 902
Which consists of 2 earlier requested and cancelled withdrawals
04-13 Withdrawal $ 200 originating from deposit $ 200 COUPON $ 700
04-10 Withdrawal $ 300 originating from deposit $ 200 COUPON $ 700

You re-requested another withdrawal, June 3rd, which was previously denied because the amount was lower than the coupon value. This is in violation of our terms and conditions on that coupon.

When all is said and done, your requested withdrawals are as follows: $1,900 + $2,060 +$520=$4,480. Subtracting the coupon value on all three withdrawals, this leaves a total of $460 to be processed and paid to you.

I hope this finally clears things up.


Posted on June 13, 2014

Withdraw 1 $1900 The $100 and $500 were cancelled withdraws (4/27 at 3:36 and 3:38) and the money was lost. The $1000 was cancelled (4/27 at 5:34) due to the coupon used was $1050 and I withdrew $1900 (4/28 7:47) to cover the $1050 coupon. Payout should be $850.

Withdraw 2 $2060. The $300 and $200 were cancelled withdraws (4/27 at 2:50) and a $902 withdraw requested (4/27 at 3:28). I had to cancel the $902 withdraw request (4/28 8:23) due to coupon used was $1400. I then withdrew $2060 (4/28 8:51) to cover $1400 coupon payout should be $660. Total payout owed for these two withdraws is $1510.

You have sent the following
3/24 $975.09
unk $175.00
4/10 $975.00
6/2 $2400.01.
To date you have paid me $4525.10

These are my withdraws/payouts

3/24 - $2000-$1000 max payout = $1000
4/10 - $3000-$1050 coupon = $1950
4/14 - $1200-$875 coupon = $ 325
4/14 - $2500-$787.50 coupon = $ 1712.50
4/17 - $2100-$575 coupon = $ 1575
4/21 - $1050-$875 coupon = $ 175
4/23- $700-$350 coupon = $ 350
4/25 - $151 no coupon = $ 151
4/27 - $1900-$1050 coupon = $ 850
4/28 - $2060-$1400 coupon = $ 660

My total payouts are $8748.50 leaving an unpaid balance of $4223.40 (minus $24.91 Processing fee you charged on first payout)

Posted on June 13, 2014

There is a pending withdraw at cool cat one4kim. I sent in the docs you requested 5 times and the last time they finally accepted the docs.

Posted on June 16, 2014

Dear one4kim,

I have contacted the finance department to check into this and I will get back with information tomorrow.


Posted on June 19, 2014

It is now 6/19/2014 and no response from casino.

Posted on June 20, 2014

Hi One4Kim,

I'm sorry for the delay, but in all honesty, this has been incredibly difficult to untangle, because of what you have clearly been doing deliberately. Let me explain, giving only a small sample of your activity:


4/17 Starting balance $1.24

4/17 Deposit $150 $150.24

4/17 Coupon Used $525.00 $676.24

4/17 Withdrawal requested $500 $.33

With this withdrawal, you had not met the terms on the coupon. You already had a previous withdrawal, which you cancelled FOLLOWING your withdrawal request of $500. This previous withdrawal you cancelled was $600, now giving you a playing balance of $600.33. This withdrawal you cancelled was originally initiated on 4/15. To achieve this, you had deposited $250, and used a coupon giving you an additional $875. You also had another withdrawal on your account from 4/15, in the amount of $1000. To achieve this, you had deposited $300 (4/15, as well) and used a coupon which added an additional $1050 to your play.

You then attempted two more withdrawal requests (both of which were resulting from your earlier withdrawal cancellations). Both took place on 4/17: One was for $1200 and the other for $400.

Each withdrawal you attempted/cancelled would have been declined from the get-go. You would have needed $525 to meet the coupon requirement on the $500 withdrawal. You would have needed $1,050 to meet the requirement on the $1000 withdrawal and you would have needed $875 to meet the requirement on the $600 withdrawal.

You made all four transactions in a timeframe of only 89 seconds and what you did was a clear attempt to confuse and circumvent the terms on the coupons used. As I already stated, this is just a small sampling of your activity over time and this has been your pattern, which is clear and deliberate.

At this point, your total withdrawal requests are as follows: $1.900, $2,060, $520 = $4,489 minus the coupon value on the three withdrawals = $4,020. This leaves $460 to be paid out to you, which we will process immediately.

I hope this finally wraps this issue up.


Posted on June 27, 2014

This case has been reopened upon player's request.

Posted on June 27, 2014

This is a continued complaint against this casino from their response posted 6/26/2014. The original complaint has been closed. Therefore, I could not respond to their latest attempt to discredit me and not pay my winnings. This complaint is FAR from over. They have accused me of deliberate acts to confuse them in regards to payouts. I take complete offense to these allegations. I find it difficult if not impossible to believe that one member could pull off this kind of action considering every transaction is monitored second by second. This is just their latest attempt meant to confuse and discredit me. These latest accusations have nothing to do with the fact that they have not paid me what I have rightfully won. Even though they have not acknowledged the issue of payment from my last response, I will explain their accusations that they claim are deliberate. The cancellations and re-withdraws that took 96 seconds to complete were done to change the payout method to maximize their most convenient withdraw option which is a Bank transfer over their delivery service option. They have a minimum/maximum amount when you withdraw for any one of their option. These withdraws were simply changed to utilize the Bank transfer option, which by the way obviously does not exist since none of my winning were EVER transferred in this manor. These were all legitimate withdraws done ONLY to make the withdraw process more convenient to the winner. As for any change left in my account, if you lose their is obviously going to be change left in the account because your minimum withdraw is $100. All of my withdraws were suppose to be validated by you in a matter of days. They sat idle in my account for MONTHS! Should you have done your job and gone through my withdraws and explained to me in a timely manor that some of the withdraws did not meet the required amounts then none of this would have happened. I had to figured this out on my own which was not until after 4/25. All of my legitimate withdraws were withdrawn way before this point. I canceled one invalid withdraw at a time and played it through until it was lost before I reversed the next one. All withdraws that did not meet the withdraw requirement with the exception of the last two were lost I was able to exceed the required coupon amount and the winnings were legitimately won. You cannot use whatever method you want to try and discredit my winnings.I gave you the exact times those withdraws were reversed and history shows that those amounts were lost. I then gave you a complete and accurate chart of all my withdraws, winnings, and coupons used and you completely ignored it. Instead you have tried to slander and discredit me to not pay me my winnings. You have second by second records and need to look at the facts I have given you which cannot be discredited. As I have said before your latest response did nothing to explain away any winnings only try and make me look like some kind of fraud and that I take EXTREME offense in.

Posted on July 1, 2014

Hi One4kim,

The exact reasons for the repeated cancelling and re-requesting of withdrawals are only known to you but this is a very uncommon practice. From our perspective, it looks like an attempt to create a smoke screen to juggle coupons and withdrawals. At the very least this is quite suspicious.

Regardless of the reasons behind your withdrawal actions, the facts remain as I previously posted:

Each withdrawal you attempted/cancelled would have been declined from the get-go. You would have needed $525 to meet the coupon requirement on the $500 withdrawal. You would have needed $1,050 to meet the requirement on the $1000 withdrawal and you would have needed $875 to meet the requirement on the $600 withdrawal.

In your answer, you state the amount of $2,100 is built up from three original withdrawals of $500, $600 and $1,000. All three of these withdrawals originated from different deposits and DIFFERENT COUPONS. The simple fat that you cancel two of the withdrawals and then right away request them again, (in your own words) "to maximize their most convenient withdrawal option" does not change the fact that the original coupon value stays attached to these deposits and withdrawals.

If you group all withdrawals together, you also have to group the attached coupon values together, regardless.

This is a continuous issue in this account and it simply does not work this way.

Regarding your other issue--a total of $7,248 has been approved on this account, compared to the $8,748.50 you are claiming:

04-08-2014 31339589 $ 1.000 Check 04-25 ( $ 25 fees ) cashed
04-24-2014 31559397 $ 175 WU 05-09 ( $ 15 fees )
05-09-2014 31704047 $ 975 Check 05-21 cashed
05-22-2014 31863462 $ 151 WU 05-23 ( $ 15 fees )
05-27-2014 31923813 $ 975 *
05-27-2014 31923909 $ 200 *
05-27-2014 31923847 $ 825 *
05-28-2014 31931835 $ 400 * Check 05-28 $ 2.400 cashed
05-28-2014 31931836 $ 1.062 Check 06-19
06-02-2014 31983878 $ 350 **
06-02-2014 31983873 $ 675 **
06-05-2014 32011476 $ 460 ** Check 06-10 $ 1.485 ( $ 40 fees ) cashed

I can see that all checks except the check for $1,062 have been cashed already. According to FedEx, that check was delivered to you, Tuesday, June 24th.

At this point, all approved withdrawals have been paid to you and all have been cashed, except the one last check you received, last week.

Last, we stand by our policies and terms regarding our coupons, which are clearly written and posted on our websites. If you choose to ignore the terms, there is really nothing to argue about.


Posted on July 7, 2014

one4kim, have you received your payments? Please confirm, so we can close this complaint.

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