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Posted on January 27, 2017

Hello to all friends . It´s my time for a problem with the exclusivebet.com casino. In last 18 January i have open account in the website casino : exclusivebeteu.com . After i have read the terms and conditions for the casino games i like and i have make one deposit 10 euros and other 20 euros. In the last deposit i go play in roullete in the numbers and after 5 hours in the game i transform my 20 euros in 1700 euros with two withdraw : the first 1000 euros and the second 700 euros. i have contacted support chat and in the chat the assistent tell me for i send my documents. i have send my documents and the same is confirmed in 20 January 15hours. In the my chat conversation i have the feelling some wrong situation and i have make a question when my payment is proced . The assistent tell me 48 hours because my deposit is make with neteller.

Today make 48 hours bussiness and i dont have any payments. I have send email for suppor­t@e­xcl­usi­veb­et.com and i have receveid one email at where assistent tell me my payments will be split into severals installments.

today i contact again the support chat and Mavi tell me my payments is make to the end of week :) I do not believe and I'm sure they're fooling me.

for you see the situtation please see my last conversation in the chat

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Mavi'. Please confirm your Email Address and Phone Number during this chat.
Mavi: Hello, thank you for contacting us. How can I help you?
redtugaPT: hi
redtugaPT: my name is < name removed > and one more time i need you tell me when i receveid my withdraw pending. it´s possible?
Mavi: Kindly hold while I look into your query.
redtugaPT: ok thanks Mavi
redtugaPT: today 15 hours make a 48 hours business after my verification account
Mavi: I'll ask the accounting department
redtugaPT: Thanks
redtugaPT: i wait please
Mavi: my colleague said the cashins should be paid by the end of this week
redtugaPT: Mavin i have make a deposit for neteller and in yout t&c tell 48 hours...
Mavi: I know, unfortunately we have a long list of payments to make, especially because it is the end of the month
redtugaPT: if exclusivebet not want pay me not problem ... i go expose this situation in my forum and for my 600.000 folowers in twitch and youtube. it´s unbelieble this situation... i play in all casinos and is the first time i have this problem...
Mavi: therefore there are some delays
Mavi: we apologise for the inconvenience
redtugaPT: i have see in google other people with the same problem with exclusivebet
redtugaPT: :(
redtugaPT: my final question is ? it´s possible you today pay me some value ? partil payments ? or no ?
Mavi: I am sorry but I do not manage payments and my colleague from the accounting department said this will be done by the end of the week
Mavi: I do not have more precise information I'm afraid
Mavi: however, I advise you to come back in chat on Friday if you still haven't received the moneyt
redtugaPT: i dont contact more
redtugaPT: i want my money today not friday.. But ok ... i go make my procediments today and expose this situation for the PAB and go make a publication in askgamblers for this situation... One casino dont have money for make payments ? is he first time i know this situation...

Please see this : "Mavi: I know, unfortunately we have a long list of payments to make, especially because it is the end of the month "

It´s unreal ...

I have try use last assistent tell me ( partial payments ) but not acepted for the exclusivebet.com

In atach i have send all my information for the case with number of my deposit´s and my withdraws.

For the last if someone have a contact of organization with lawyers for the casino with licence in corazon please contact me ... I´m very interesting for Take this far .... it´s a really a problem with this casino ... :(

Posted on January 30, 2017

Dear ExclusiveBet Casino,

Please let us know if there's some update regarding this case.