Club Player not processing or paying withdrawal request

posted on January 19, 2010.

On December 20th I requested a withdrawal of $4000 from Club Player Casino.

Their web site states they will process withdrawal requests within 7 - 10 business days.

As of today it has been 21 business days. (And, that is not including the holidays.)

I have sent e-mails to them but they continue to give me the run around. Their replies are at best cryptic and never really give you an answer. Their customer service reps have not been helpful in any way. They will not accept phone calls.

I have kept all of the e-mails and can give you a screen shot of my account at Club Player. However, they are too numerous to include in this complaint.

Please give me an e-mail address and I will gladly provide you the documentation.

Thank you

posted on January 21, 2010.

This is Steve Ariel Affiliate Manager for Gambling Wages and Club player is 1 of the brands we represent. I spoke with the withdrawals department and they said that January 19th you where approved for $2000.00 and in 7 to 10 business days the next approve should be taking place for the other amount.

Please keep me posted as I want to make sure this gets taken care of.

posted on January 22, 2010.

Thank you for speaking to them on my behalf.

However, I believe the only reason they responded was because of my e-mail to you on January 18th.

It is unfortunate that it takes a 3rd party intervention to get a response from Club Player.

The unwillingness and unresponsiveness from Club Player is the type of issues that cause on-line gambling to be an issue for US players.

posted on February 1, 2010.

I requested a $4000 payout from Club Player Casino on December 20th.  I have not received any of that payment.  Thanks to your intervention with the first complaint I at least got some response from them.  In their e-mail dated January 19th they told you, and me, they had approved $2000 of the $4000.  And that it would be wire transferred to my account within 4-7 business days.  Today is the 10th business day and I have not received it.

My e-mail address is ********@*********. My player name at Club Player is *********.

posted on February 10, 2010.


I have contacted the Head of the Withdrawals Department at the casino and I have been informed that you have been receiving payments as they where scheduled and you should be getting another one if not today, in the next couple of days.


Steve Ariel