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Club Player Casino - Closed my account and refused to pay winnings

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Disputed casino Club Player Casino
Reason Declined payment
Inactive user
Posted on October 25, 2015

I signed up and redeemed the coupon that offered $65 that had to be wagered 30 times. I completed the wagering requirement and attempted to withdraw my winnings but couldn't. I contacted customer support who were rude and told me they don't give winnings to people in my country. I told them my country was not on the list of restricted countries. The chat kept getting disconnected every 2 seconds and it would take a long time before I could sign back in. Every time I asked the support team about my winnings I would strangely get disconnected and would have to wait about 20 minutes before I could sign back in, and when I finally could sign back in it would take about 45 minutes for them to respond, and in most cases they didn't, and when they did and I told them about the issue I would get disconnected. Finally they said that I had to make a deposit before I started playing with the free chip in order to be able to cash out whatever I win, but the page for the coupon I redeemed it states that it is a no deposit bonus. I kept getting disconnected (even though that has never happened to me before and now it was happening every time I got through to them and told them my problem), then they told me my winnings could not be withdrawn because the registration form was not filled out properly. I told them it was, and of course I got disconnected from the chat again, but this time when i tried to sign back in I could not. My account had been closed.

They basically point blank refused to pay me my winnings, and even banned me to get me to stop asking. This is a blatant scam site. They are running their site in Costa Rica, where online gambling regulations are practically non existent. In any other country they would not be able to get away with it.. This site should be avoided at all costs.

Posted on October 27, 2015

Hi fb_460467537493369,

You were not honest when you registered your account. You were not honest when you spoke with our Customer Service agents. Now, you are not being honest in your statements here, on AskGamblers.

You registered giving an address in the UK. You then contacted support on three occasions, all from the same location: Dublin, Ireland. When it was explained that players from Ireland were not eligible for bonuses, you changed your story, stating you were actually from America and you expressly stated you LIED about your address and phone number when you registered your account. Intentionally giving false information to our casino(s) or any other online casino will always be grounds for account closure, which is exactly what happened here.

Further, in your complaint, you claim that our Customer Support agents were rude (they were not) and that you were continually disconnected and that you “would take 45 minutes for them to respond” is an absolute fabrication. I have all of the chat logs (which I have forwarded on to the management here at AskGamblers) and there was NO extended wait time AND there were no disconnections mid-stream in conversation.

The only ‘scam’ here is on your end and there is nothing further to discuss on this matter.


Inactive user
Posted on October 27, 2015

Wow, the levels of depravity that some people will stoop to is absolutely shocking.

First of all, I am not from Dublin, Ireland; I am from Reading, England. Every word I said in my complaint was 100% true, and every word you said 100% untrue. And as for chat logs, I would like to see those because it is common knowledge that they can very easily be falsified. So I would be very interested to see those. I never lied on the registration -- what would be the point? You have got to be the sleeziest, scummiest, most corrupt online casino in the history of online casinos. What have you have just said is so far from the truth that it has actually turned my stomach with disgust.

The fact of the matter is that I won money from you fair and square, and my estimation is that you have been behind in earnings and could not afford to pay my winnings, or else you could afford to but not chose to. The last rule on this page states "Using false or fake evidence is law infringement", so I would like to see those chat logs because the only time I got through to you you were extremely rude and dismissive. You said that I said I was from America? That is complete and utter garbage. I NEVER said that. I want to see the chat logs that you submitted here, because there is no doubt that they have been maliciously edited. You are an absolute disgrace.

Inactive user
Posted on October 29, 2015

I lied in my response. You were telling the truth, I am from Ireland and was ineligible to collect the winnings. I'm sorry for lieing.

Posted on October 29, 2015

Based on the last player's comment we consider this complaint rejected, because player didn't presented true facts not to AskGamblers nor to Club Player casino.

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