LSbet Casino - Giving me the runaround and not willing to help me with self-exclusion

posted on June 10, 2015.

hello is the second one, ive been addicted to the gambling maybe two years, i also self exclusion other accounts that i have without the option to reopen.
My problem is that lsbet dont have a self exclusion program and i several months ago asked to close my account and they gave me bonus because lsbet knows that im an addicted.
Yesterday was my wakeup call because i lost my salary and i want your help because they ask me this :They requested a printed letter from me confirming the request, a scan of this letter, and a photo of myself standing with the letter, and i dont have a printer to do that, and also just lsbet dont have a limit of deposit and more important they dont have Responsible Gambling. and if ive closed my account in january of 2015 surely i not spent thousands of euros but they ask me the photo ... and is shameful because in other sites i banned my acount by chat so im begging to close my account without the option to reopen again please

ps Im the main guilty here because im an addicted i just want to close this account, banned.

posted on June 11, 2015.

today i tried to login and says login closed so i guess finally im free of this addiction, but I"ll wait from the answer of lsbet and i hope they banned me for life, thank yo so much

posted on June 15, 2015.

Dear Customer,

1. First of all, we would like to thank you for your comment and your interest to

2. We are always doing all possible to provide the best service and assistance.

3. The first time when we received request to close the account was on the 25.11.2014 and according to our rules the account closure documents have been requested. Documents have been requested again several times, but we haven't received such documentation in order to fulfill the required procedure.

4. We would like to inform you that on 11.06.2015 your account has been closed without official letter and photo of yourself holding the letter which is required due to LSbet's closure procedures. This action was done because we understand the level of importance of this issue.

5. Please be informed that your account is suspended for a period of one week in which we need to receive official letter and photo of yourself holding the letter for permanent account closure without the option to reopen it again.

6. Also, please be advised that every bonus that was credited to your account has only been credited according to your bonus promotion.

Best Regards