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Cleos Vip Room - Disputes card transaction/fair gaming

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Cleos Vip Room
Reason Declined payment
Posted on May 16, 2014

Hello, I'm seeking for help, coz I do believe Cleo's is not being fair at all. They closed my account 3 days ago, according to them multiple accounts under my name, casino threat and I'm a bonus abuser. this all accusations against me. they have to prove it, as far as I'm concern, I never had more than 1 account under my name, I never share my password to let anybody play on my account. this is not a fake money, why will I do that for? All documents for identification which they have copies of each credit card as well as my drivers license and proof of address are all legitimate. All card transactions used, are under my name. I can prove that. About the bonuses, everytimeI asked for a bonus too much seems like I'm fighting over penny, thousands already spend in this casino. I always beg mostly. They always say that the system or they are not allowed. That's make me confusing coz their statement is different from each other. the first month I've been playing live person says , giving out bonuses it's all depend to me, that means if they feel like giving. Lately they changed the system their giving less bonus, depends on how much money u deposited. So I asked one of the live person, he says for every 10 is 1$ then after awhile I want to claim my bonus. They said I have reach certain amount before I can get it. That's not how they explain to me. In other words no bonus given, they said keep playing. After a week with all my deposit, still I'm not qualified for bonus. So I asked them, what is ur basis for bonus, how do I accumulate it. Atleast give me a percentage of the bonus? she said she don't know nothing on how the bonus work. And how come they are telling me different. She said to me maybe it's just anticipation. Which is not right, ur fooling ur players. Also with regards with items many times they messed my points, canceling my order, and took the money in the bank but showing in my balance. Always saying ur concern was brought up to the management. But never my concern was answer. Now I still have credits 24995 shopping points and they tricked me they just let me deposits the last 2 days and then terminate my account without giving me what I earned from my deposits. I need to get my money back. Live chat worthless. Rude people.

Posted on February 18, 2014

 This is the same player as one registered with marengglo username! This player opened multiple accounts and keeps going with fraudulent behaviour! Not any guilt from the casino's side! Complaint solved!

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